Country Recording Artist

“Rt 66 Country Music and Stacie Jowers have a very special place in my heart.  We share some important commonalities, like we both started into the industry in 2020 and we didn’t know it at the time, but we were each others very first industry interviews.  Since that day, I have had such huge admiration for all Stacie has done.  Not only has she built an incredible following and has become the “go to place” to find new emerging artists and songs, she also supports artists in so many ways – from interviews and voting for “songs of the day” and “week” to supporting them on their social media.  Her success is mirrored by her work ethic and sweet disposition.  I love it when Stacie invites me to come on Rt 66 because she’s so much fun, down to earth, and immediately puts me at ease.  Because of all of this, she will have a lasting career, and I will continue to enjoy watching all of it”!

Country Recording Artist

“These folks are fans of true country music! They appreciate the same things I do about the genre...it all starts with a song. Thankful we’ve crossed paths and excited to watch this outlet grow.”

Country Recording Artist

“Stacie Jowers.. a soul that can fill a room. From the moment I met Stacie at Rt66CountryMusic, I had such a high respect for her love of country music and supporting independent artists like myself. Throughout my specific journey, she has been by my side cheering me on and so encouraging. Her interviews will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed! I am honored to have befriended someone like Stacie and be apart of each other’s road to success!” 



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On the day of your show, you get to take over the Rt66 account to share with the followers what "a day in your life is like”

Talk and Tunes Show

Artist ShowCase - Hang out with me for a fun conversation-style interview where we get to know you and your music better. We’ll have you kick-start the show with you performing one of your original songs and then end the show with another!

The Other Side Show

This interview is for all the other areas of the music industry. Anyone besides the frontman/woman/solo artist. There are so many people behind the scenes and we want to hear from you, what’s your story - the music industry from your perspective.

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Do you have a New Release coming up and want some extra promo for it? We got you covered - IG Takeover, Talk and Tunes Show, Full Blog write-up - The works! Let us help you get everyone hyped about your release!

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Do you have a New Release coming up and want to allow Rt66 to promote it for you exclusively for 24 hours in advance of the release? We got you covered - IG Takeover, Talk and Tunes Show, Full Page Write-up, Premiere the Song and/or Video - The works! Let us help you get everyone hyped about your release! 

Music Reviews

This could be on New or Older Music you want to revive!

Do you have a new release coming up or an old one that maybe just didn’t get the response you thought it should? Are you curious to know what people think about your music? Have us write an honest review of your music!

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