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Meet The Team


Stacie Jowers

 Founder or

(828) 228-1053


Hello! I’m Stacie - I’m a Christian, married to my soulmate Paul for over 15 years. Together we have

5 children and 8 grandchildren. I’m a registered nurse unable to work due to battling multiple

chronic illnesses for years. However, I strived not to stand on the sidelines, to find something to fill my time that I was equally passionate about. Aside from spending time with my family & friends, riding our Harley, traveling, and camping - I fill that void with music!

Due to my chronic illnesses, I know how depression can take hold of someone's life, therefore

Mental Health Awareness is very important to me. In a time where so many people are affected by mental health issues, for whatever reason - it is time that we all take a stand, break the stigma and speak out! I feel bringing music into people's lives is one way of doing that. Music is healing, there

is healing in the lyrics, and there is healing in the melody. 

I am a lover of all genres of music, with a passion for country! In March 2020, I decided that I

wanted to start my own social media platform. With no musical talent but an absolute love of

talking, I created Rt66CountryMusic. A way to help independent artists get their music out into

the world and for music lovers like myself, to hear great music as well as getting to know the artist behind that music!

Join us on Instagram, and sign up to receive our monthly newsletter for all the latest music news!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions and if you’re an artist… get in touch!

“The only difference between failure and success is the willingness to try again”

by: Stacie Jowers

CyndiBioPic.jpg or

Howdy from Austin, Texas!

I’m excited to have joined Rt66 to support independent country artists. I grew up singing in church, eventually taking some music classes in college because my dream was to write for a music

magazine. As a child, I’d draw album covers, makeup song titles for the album, and then write liner notes and review songs that didn’t exist. I think I started writing songs just so I’d have something to review.


I've utilized my journalism degree throughout the years doing freelance work. When I turned 30, I decided to become an actress and started doing community theater shows, mostly musicals so I

could sing. Folks I met at the theater got me a stint as their church worship leader, and I

volunteered there until I moved to Austin in 2006.

Once I moved, I didn’t have a church to sing in, so I started singing in local cafes and coffee shops.

This led me to be the lead singer in a classic rock cover band, which led to me forming a folk music acoustic trio. After both of those bands had fizzled, I created a duo with Joey, a guy I met at a songwriting competition in 2017, and whom I married in November 2019. Joey’s been a

tremendous influence on my music and my life, and I’m so thrilled to have him along for the ride.

During the pandemic, I started listing to a lot of music online and found Rt66 Country Music.  It has been so fun to watch the artists’ interviews, see their videos, and hear some great music I never

would have found otherwise. I really love the curated New Music Friday playlist. Thanks to Stacie

and Rt66 for getting the music out there.


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