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Country Recording Artist

Rt66 Country Music & Stacie have a special place in my heart. We share some important commonalities, we both started in the industry in 2020, not knowing at the time that we were each other's very first industry interviews. I have a huge admiration for all Stacie has done. Not only has she built an incredible following becoming the “go-to place” to find new emerging artists, but she also supports us in so many ways from interviews, “song of the day” & “week” to supporting artists on their social media. Her success is mirrored by her work ethic & sweet disposition.  I love being on Rt 66 because Stacie’s so much fun, down to earth & immediately puts me at ease. Because of all of this, she will have a lasting career & I will enjoy watching all of it.

Country Recording Artist

Stacie has a soul that can fill a room. I have such high respect for her love of country music & supporting independent artists like myself. Throughout my journey, she has been by my side cheering me on & so encouraging. Her interviews will leave you feeling inspired & refreshed! I am honored to have befriended someone like Stacie & be a part of each other’s road to success! 

Country Recording Artist

These folks are fans of true country music! They appreciate the same things I do about the all starts with a song. Thankful we’ve crossed paths and excited to watch this outlet grow.

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Country Recording Artist

I love RT66 Country Music! Stacie is a big supporter of undiscovered country music talent. She is so supportive. Really thankful to know her.

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Drummer - Mary Kate Farmer

I’ve had the pleasure of being on Rt66’s “The Other Side” & it was amazing. Ms. Stacie is the best host I know & she knows what she is doing. Country music is better and stronger because of Rt66. God bless Ms. Stacie & country music. 

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Founder of Lady Savage Mngmt

It’s always a pleasure working with Stacie at Rt66 Country Music! She’s s a fantastic interviewer & is truly passionate about country music, shining a spotlight on upcoming independent artists. Stacie has been a huge supporter of our Artist Roster & we can’t wait to see how far she will go with this very special platform she has created!    


Stacie joyfully brings people together, she has musicians on her show that are beautiful inside & out. I look forward to her live feeds every week. Rt66 has given people a chance to enjoy live music while being safe in their homes. I appreciate & respect her, calling her my sunshine friend. God bless her!!!


From the first time I watched a Rt66 interview, I knew I had found an enjoyable authentic way to find new music & hidden talents. Stacie brings fun & humor to every interview with such a diverse range of country artists & their stories. How else would I have ever learned the Starbucks recipe! Thanks, Stacie for keeping it real & sharing your kindness. 


Rt66 Country Music is a down-to-earth Instagram Live podcast showcasing independent country music singer-songwriters. Stacie uses her uniquely open & honest approach to draw forth great conversations from her guests. Her passion for music sets the stage for superb interviews because she understands what country music fans hunger to hear from their favorite artists 


Rt66 is the best music platform ever for me to not only see & hear different artists but also interact with Stacie & the artist. The wide range of artists that she has brought on has opened my eyes to more than the 'Normal' because she caters to all styles of Country. If you're loyal & treat her with kindness & love, then you will get the same back.

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