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Cash Crawford shows us the importance of knowing how to "Save Myself"

Cash Crawford has worked in the music industry for more than 20 years as a songwriter, singer, and performer. Originally from Pritchard, Canada, she was involved with Canadian Idol and won Singer/Songwriter of the Year from Toronto Independent Music Awards in 2012, then won both the Horizon Award and Female Vocalist of the Year at the BC Awards in 2014.

She’s been living in Nashville for the last few years, getting accolades from professionals who are naming her as one of the greatest voices in the business right now because of her ability to sing in so many different styles.

Cash's newest video for her single “Save Myselfwas released on Vevo Friday, August 5th, and on CMT online Friday, August 12th. The video starts with an aerial view of a truck driving down an isolated highway, and we see Cash singing with the windows down. There’s a quick shot of polaroid photos laying on the seat beside her, and we get the impression that she’s collecting mementos and deciding what to save at this new turning point in her life.

When she pulls off the rearview mirror and throws it away, she sings,

I know why you’re gone.

You didn’t save me

And I couldn’t save myself

No I don’t hate you

I broke my heart myself

How could you love me

When I didn’t love me

Felt like a nobody

But how could you know

This time I save myself

As the sun sets, she pulls into a driveway near the woods and takes her box of photos to a bonfire she’s built. She walks barefoot and dances in the underbrush, and we notice dream catchers hanging in the trees. She strips away her jacket and stands in a white gauze dress, and says it feels “like shedding your skin."

The music in the bridge totally changes the mood, and she begins to whisper, with projected shadows of the trees around her, “we all finally bust into a million different pieces of magic and love.” She continues throwing away the photos and other memories of her life with him, showing us that the only thing worth saving is herself. The constant image of her dancing in the firelight symbolizes the healing she's going through.

In the third chorus, she adds an echo to each line for emphasis, reminding herself that she needs to do her own saving. For a brief second, we see her dancing in a different place, in a new dress, as the daylight hits the woods, letting us know that she feels like a new woman with a new life now. As the music fades, we’re left with just the sound of the crackling fire and images of burning photos. Yes, she learned what it meant to “Save Myself.”

Click HERE to watch the video of "Save Myself"

To listen to "Save Myself" click HERE

Song Credits:

Writers: Cash Crawford, Don Miggs, John Luzzi

Producer: Don Miggs

To stay connected to Cash Crawford:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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