September is Suicide Prevention Month

Singer-Songwriter Bailey James is our Mental Heath Awareness Guest Writer this Month.

I’m very grateful for Route 66 and all the love they have shown me and my music. When I was asked to be apart of the newsletter this month I was thrilled. September is a very important month to me as it is Suicide Prevention Month. I’m a big advocate for mental health & being transparent in your struggles.

Other then being a artist and making music, I’ve experienced a lot of trauma first hand that made me dive head first into a lot of mental health issues I couldn’t handle at such a young age. I lost my brother, he took his own life when he was 18, and my dad dove into alcoholism as a way to cope. I developed anxiety, depression, and ocd from those long hard 3 years after my brother passed. I’m very grateful though that I had an amazing support system, and continue to try to gain more knowledge on mental health.

I am a part of the Jason Foundation which is a non profit organization based out of Hendersonville, Tennessee that focuses on the prevention of youth suicide. The founder, Clark Flatt lost his son at the same age that I lost my brother. I’ve also started my own mental health movement called The Finally Free Movement. I’ve heard many times in this industry “you always have to be on, and be happy” but that’s not real life. I have a podcast where I bring other artists on and we talk about our struggles, and what has helped us. I’ve had a holistic gut/brain doctor on, and even an author who talks about empowering women.

If I can say anything to anyone struggling out there, it’s that it gets so much better. As cliche as that may sound. I remember last year I didn’t even wanna make it through another day, and with therapy and medication I’ve come to a stable place where I can now help other people. Don’t be afraid to reach out to somebody you trust. It is okay not to be okay, and these journey’s we go on in life make us human. Once again thank you Route 66 for letting me write a little piece for your article this month. I appreciate all of you. Be kind to others, and most importantly yourself.

Peace & love, Bailey

*Help is available 24/7 PLEASE reach out if you need help. You can call or text 988

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