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Spotlight Artist of the Month (June) Noah Hunton

For as long as he can remember Noah Hunton has dreamed of becoming a country music star. He spends his weekends performing around his hometown of Ocala, Florida, and extended territory. Noah’s music reflects his southern roots with lyrics that are relatable stories of his surroundings and his lifestyle.

“Huntn For A Good Time” was Noah’s first single release of 2022 and has also become his brand's mantra. And he certainly lives true to this statement, whether, he’s spending time with his family, or fiance, playing music, and or doing something outdoors he’s always hunting for a good time. The other thing that means so much to Noah that people may know is that he loves just randomly showing up at his fan's house to hand deliver merch. He admits, “without them, none of this would even be possible”

Noah’s music is quickly gaining popularity because it is melodic and memorable. His songs vary from heartfelt love songs to having a good old country fun time. His sincerity is felt when you listen to his songs, his voice is pleasing to the ears, his looks are easy on the eyes, and you can tell he loves the crowds the plays for. He is personable and is more than happy to take a selfie with a fan. His likable natural charm in tandem with his musical talent will take him far.

Get to know the artist of the month

Hometown and fun fact about it or what it’s best known for? My hometown is (Ocala, Fl. and we are best known for horses.

Most memorable musical moment? I would say my most memorable moment so far would be getting my song played on national radio.

Most embarrassing/unexpected musical moment? This would have to be when I got the call to open up for Tim McGraw on his tour, I didn’t expect that call at all.

What's a random or fun fact we may not know about you? That I was adopted (by an amazing family).

What's next following the release of “Meant To Be”? A Full album called life vol 1

Stay connected with Noah Hunton:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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