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Sue Bonzell with Up N Country

Welcome to our first blog from “The Other Side” Show. I was so thrilled to have Sue Bonzell from Nashville, TN join me on Wed April 6, 2022. Sue just recently moved to Nashville from Santa Rosa CA, where she was (and still is) a radio DJ for 93.7 The Bull. She also has her own virtual talk show “Up N Country” where she interviews up-and-coming country music artists.

Sue is an amazing woman with a large personality, perfectly fitting to be a radio/talk show host. She actually got into the radio business by complete accident 15 years ago! Be sure to watch the replay of our show to hear how that “happy accident” occurred.

Like so many others when the pandemic hit and Sue was staying at home, she came up with the idea for “Hot Tub Happy Hour”! And yes, it is exactly as it sounds, she would just be hanging out in her hot tub making drinks and talking about a variety of stuff, including music. After a period of time, Sue felt like that particular content had run its course but wanted to continue the show in some way and that's when “Up N Country” started.

Luckily for Sue, her job with the radio station allowed her to work remotely, so when the opportunity came that she could move anywhere she wanted and continue her job, she naturally choose Nashville. Now being in Nashville, she is often able to interview guests in person, which makes the energy level of the show escalate, as well as brings a level of comfort to the artists. Be sure to check out the links below to see all the amazing artist interviews that Sue has done.

During our show, we took the opportunity to talk about some of our favorite up-and-coming women country music artists. There are so many amazing artists, that we have had on our shows and/or want to have, it was hard to pick just a few, however, on Sue’s list were the following: Erin Kinsey, Alana Springsteen, and Maggie Baugh. I had a different list consisting of Ashley Rose Lilly, Ryleigh Madison, and Lizzie Cates. We opened up the comments to the listeners with them throwing in the names of Taylor Teasley and Priscilla Block. Be sure to watch back the replay of the show to hear more about these artists as well as check them out on their social media.

Rt66 Show with Sue Bonzell

Up N Country Website

Up N Country YouTube

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