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UK Country Artist - Mitchell Kersley on Rt66’s “Talk and Tunes” Thursday, May 19, 2022

What a pleasure it was to have UK’s amazingly talented country music artist Mitchell Kersley join me on Rt66’s “Talk and Tunes” Show. I was concerned today’s show might not even happen as Mitchell had been recovering from Covid this past week! However, he assured me he was good to go, stating he had napped plenty, had been doing vocal warm-ups, and had a full glass of water sitting right beside him if he needed it. We were thankful he was feeling better because it was definitely a show to watch!

Mitchell grew up loving music and always knew he wanted to sing. Soon after his love for playing the guitar and songwriting began. He also later learned to play the piano and drums. Music is definitely his passion, both personally and professionally, as it is evident in the fact that he attended college in London to further study music and now teaches it to others.

After some interesting conversation between Mitchell and me about various topics such as our weakest and strongest qualities, travel, and of course his music, he performed an unreleased

song titled “One Lucky Son Of A Gun.” And wow, what an amazing tune! If you didn’t watch the show live, you can watch the replay on our IGTV to hear what just might be his next single release. Let us know what you think of this piece in the comments.

Mitchell ended the show with the title track from his 2020 EP “Dusk” and with no surprise I’m sure to those that know me, I absolutely love the acoustic version of this song. I feel like it adds an authentic emotional connection that the storytelling part of the country genre longs for.

Thank you Mitchell for such a fabulous time, you’re an amazing person! Thanks to everyone that tuned in live to watch and all that will watch the replay. We truly appreciate each of you. Y’all are the ones that keep us going and you’re so appreciated. Stay safe, stay healthy, and most of all - Be Kind to Each Other!

To watch our “Talk and Tunes” episode click Here

To listen to “Dusk” click Here

To stay connected with Mitchell Kersley:

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

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