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Zac Hart is working his "Body Language"

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Zac Hart is bringing a fresh face and new sound to country music. At 23, he’s got a pop style of phrasing with an obvious country influence. He uses programmed electronic music with banjo, lap steel, and acoustic guitars layered over it.

Zac is originally from Southeast Kentucky, but now lives in Nashville, where he opens for large touring acts as well as playing in notable clubs around town. He’s also played the Midnite Jamboree at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, featured stages at CMA Fest, and Katie Couric’s TV Show in New York City for the airing of a special CMA Awards episode. Zac released his first project in Nashville last year, and it’s been listed on Spotify’s Wild Country, New Music Nashville, Fresh Finds, and Young Nashville.

When Zac wrote his newest song “Body Language”, he intended it to be light-hearted and romantic, about two people connecting and communicating without words.

The song opens with a familiar country guitar riff, but there’s an undertone that’s straight from pop music. When Zac starts to sing, you know it’s not going to be a typical country song with the tempo, background vocals, and the great pop melody laying over an electronic beat.

Got me trippin’ over my words, eyes closed getting higher

Ain’t gotta talk to understand what you’re sayin’

I can hardly breathe, when you look at me

So my hands do the talkin’ …

I can hardly speak, there's no words coming out of me

And there’s nothing you could say

Cause the way you do it to me, girl you got me speaking

Your body lang- Your body language

It’s a fun take on the concept of not needing to speak when you are with someone you love, while Zac expounds on the idea by saying that “we ain’t gotta make a sound” as they are losing track of time.

The song features vocalizations and echoed lyrics like an instrument in the accompaniment, but the guitar remains the dominant sound between the lines. After the second chorus, an electric guitar solo rocks out for two lines, before the instruments drop out and Zac repeats the chorus with just a slight acoustic guitar and synth behind him. Halfway through the chorus, the original instrumentation kicks back in, and Zac keeps the happy feeling going.

Zac’s sound is unique, a fusion of electronic and organic music with a fun way of phrasing his lyrics to the beat. “Body Language” is sure to make you smile, even if you aren’t making a sound when you do.

To Listen to "Body Language" click Here

Song Credits:

Writers: Zac Hart & Jacob Frish

Producer and Programing: Jacob Frish

Live Instrumentation: Chris Condon

BGVs: Zac Hart & Leah Burkey

To Stay Connected with Zac Hart:

Artist Website|Instagram|Facebook

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