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Ada LeAnn comes back to Rt66 to tell us about “Natalie” and “American Song Contest”

What a pleasure it was to get to sit down with Ada LeAnn, Michigan's, 17-year-old rising superstar! I last spoke with Ada back in August of 2021 when she was on the show for the first time. Even though I was speaking to a teenager I knew I was hearing the voice of an extremely gifted singer. At that time, Ada shared with me how she loved to write songs inspired by her emotions and I remember telling her that her writing and singing were well beyond her years and that it was relatable to not only teenagers but adults as well.

It’s no surprise that less than a year later we are seeing and hearing that same marvelous quality from Ada with her “American Song Contest” entry “Natalie.” She even took it a step further as Snoop stated, he could even relate to the song as a man. Well, Ada, I would say that is pretty high praise!

Ada goes on to tell me about “Natalie," though the song does stem from personal experience, she is not Natalie, and neither does she want anyone to be Natalie. She's been quite surprised at the number of fans that have been rallying to "bash Natalie" so Ada wanted to clarify that "Natalie" was meant as a metaphorical warning.

Cause he said forever I'm yours

But he probably said it to me, to you and to her

It started all so good with every word he swore he would

But I was never the only one, and I'm sure I could never be a Natalie.

Watching Ada’s performance of “Natalie” on ASC was mesmerizing. She looked stunning and the delivery of her vocals was powerful and emotional. I related to the lyrics, to the meaning behind the song, so I was thrilled that Ada gave us the immense pleasure to hear her perform live for us on the show, I was once again in awe of her talent. And her amazing, sweet personality to match. I can’t wait to see what a bright future that’s in store for this young lady. I guarantee you, if you can dream it, she can write it and will sing about it!

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Listen To "Natalie"

To see Ada LeAnn on NBC’s American Song Contest Click Here

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Song Credits:

WRITER(S) Ada LeAnn, Carter Jon Frodge

PRODUCERS: Ali Dee, Anthony Mirabella, Carter Frodge

Source: Atlantic Records

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