American Song Contest's “Hueston” on our Special Wednesday Show Series

I was beyond excited to have Lantana, Florida’s Cory “Hueston,” representative for his home state of Rhode Island for the “American Song Contest” on the Rt66 show today. Hueston is a pleasant mix of a singer, songwriter, and producer. Maybe most of all, a raw, unapologetic, emotional storyteller in his artistry. I appreciated the comparison in his bio stating that he has the voice and energy of a mystic Viking.

In the first round of the “American Song Contest,” Hueston won the Jury’s vote and was sent straight through to the semi-finals with his original song “Held On Too Long.” He stated he was both shocked and grateful for this moment. Unfortunately, he did not progress to the finals.

As we continued to speak about his time on the show, he had mostly good experiences to reflect upon. Admitting he had made some comments on social media that followers had attacked him for. He wanted to take this time during our show to apologize for that. He made it a point to say that the comments were aimed at the commercial aspect of things and definitely not at any of the people. In fact, aside from being able to perform his song, Hueston stated, the best thing he took from the show was the genuine lifelong friendships that he made with numerous contestants.

I absolutely fell in love with Hueston's voice and his original song “Held On Too Long” the moment I heard him on the show. I heard a little bit of Teddy Swims and JellyRoll mixed with a little bit of country. I don’t think I was far off, what do you think?

I, along with everyone else always ask “What is your inspiration behind the song?” I’ll give you part of his answer (the rest, you’ll need to watch our show). Hueston stated “If I explain what every song means then I don’t let it be your song _ I take it back from you and it’s just mine. If it means something to you then it becomes your song too”

So just go on, yeah, out loud

Don't you worry 'bout me, I'll be fine

I thought I could save us, but I was wrong

I guess we held on too long

Hueston did actually tell me what this song meant to him, but for me, I got something else, and you might get another meaning. A great song can be interpreted by various people to mean something different and that’s what he meant, that’s why he doesn’t like to explain - he would rather let the art speak for itself. Great job on this one Hueston, as it definitely speaks!

To listen to “Held On Too Long” click HERE

Hueston’s American Song Contest Performance click HERE

Ya’ll be sure to stay connected to Hueston, he has a lot of new music coming out and shows to look forward to this year.

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Song Credits:

“Held On To Long” Released March 21, 2022

Written & Produced By: Cory Hueston

Mixing Engineer: Jeremie Inhaber

Mastering Engineer: Daniel Rowland

Engineer: Nik Dee & Cory Hueston

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