Blaine Holcomb shows his roots in "I Ain't Making that Up" video

Blaine Holcomb may be from upstate New York, but he identifies with the blue-collar life represented in classic country music. He says, “I think my writing style reflects a sort of new 90s country vibe. When you mix that with a production that feels modern and fresh, the result is a sound that’s unique to my influences and roots.”

Since moving to Nashville, Blaine has been featured along side some big names and earned residencies at multiple venues in town. His music has passed millions of streams and been listed on Spotify’s New Music Nashville and Fresh Finds playlists.

His song “I Ain’t Making That Up” is a great example of his style. The video opens with an announcement and footage from Hamilton, NY, showing a young Blaine taking the stage in 2005. His guitar strum is the opening chord for “I Ain’t Making That Up” and this video is filled with home movies of his childhood.

We see him playing hockey in 2000, playing soccer, and playing with his sisters in the living room. We see several Halloween costumes and a 1994 video of him smiling near pumpkins that seem huge next to his little face. We see him as a teenager helping his daddy drag a buck through the snow, then more of his first couple gigs in 2005 and 2006.

The lyrics talk about shooting a bb gun, cutting grass for money, and not being proud of the participation trophy in his church league since his team never won. They played cassette tapes and watched their favorite movie a hundred times on VHS. He mentions his flip phone with Tim McGraw as his ring tone, and making prank calls back before folks had caller ID at their homes. Yes, he grew up in the 90s.

We played outside, we caught fireflies Bare feet on the hot concrete taught us how to run The whole world was a playground until the sun went down We had it all when we didn't have all that much I ain't making that up

Throughout the video, Blaine’s wearing his red flannel shirt, Northwoods Whitetails ball cap, and a big grin in front of a screen showing his home movies. The camera zooms in on his drummer, electric guitar player, bass player, and Blaine on his acoustic Gibson. The music is fun and not overly complicated, just like the memories that he's sharing with us.

The video shows where he came from and where he is now, and that alludes to where he’s going. Keep watching Blaine for more good music on deck, and “I Ain’t Making That Up.”

Click here to watch “I Ain’t Making That Up

Song Credits:

Writers: Blaine Holcomb, Jabe Burgess

Producer: Jay Brunswick

Keep up with Blaine at:

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