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Karen Waldrup deliberates in her "What if I Told You" video

Karen Waldrup may not be a household name, yet, but she’s living a great career in country music. She’s been featured in magazines like People and Rolling Stone, and she’s been on TV channels like CMT, Bravo, Netflix, and the Hallmark Channel. So far, she’s got 12 Nashville Industry Music Awards, and her newest album was produced by folks with Grammys.

Her new video “What If I Told You” was filmed in Scotland, and opens on a serene canyon with a flowing creek. The acoustic guitar provides a smooth backdrop for her voice, singing as she curls her hair at a dressing table, and singing at the edge of the creek. We also see her sitting in the bedroom, thinking about what to pack as she’s leaving.

What if I said what you needed me to say, what if I did

What if I told you, what if I said I was good

What if I stood here and said there is nothing to worry about

What if I said I was fine, what if I walked in and smiled, thinking about

What if I told you, what if I told you the truth

The second verse provides a little more detail. She asks what would happen if she forgave, if she could cut the losses, if she acted as if she wasn’t shattered, and if he believed her. She then asks herself the looming question: what if I’m wrong?

The song is relatable to so many people. She second guesses her movements, and she wonders how much power she has to change the situation. The video shows her still packing, continuing to fix her hair in the morning light, then also shows her in the woods in a long black dress in the afternoon sun. The juxtaposition implies that she has to leave, but she questions what he would do if he listened and if she was honest with him.

In the bridge, her questions become bolder. What if she stood up for herself? Would he treat her differently, if she told him how much it hurt to leave him?

Her raw vocals put forth so much emotion, and you don’t realize there are only a couple acoustic instruments behind her. There are no drums, no bass, and no need for them.

The haunting questions remain, and like many choices in our own lives, we never get clarity. Yet in the end, she puts on her hat, and carries her suitcase out the door, still wondering, “What If I Told You.”

Click here to watch “What If I Told You

Click here to listen to "What If I Told You"


Songwriters: Cheri Garcia, Karen Waldrup

Video by Victoria Metzger

Keep up with Karen online at:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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