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Kopper and Kash show off "The Best I Can"

The family trio Kopper and Kash is based out of River Valleys, PA and perform at festivals and events in the Northeast as well as Nashville showcases. The father Jeff Pennycoff writes, sings, and plays guitar with his daughters Mia and Ava, and their debut single is on regular rotation on the local radio station. They were nominated for 2020 song of the year by Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame.

The family’s newest song “The Best I Can” comes with a fun video. While some artists try to hide their age, Kopper and Kash showcase their teenage spirit and their relationship to their father in the storyline of this video.

The story opens with dad taking the girls shopping for prom dresses, and shows the emotions behind what happens when they can’t agree. Dad tries to guide them in the right direction.

Later in the video, it shows the girls at the after party at the lake, and one of the boys is drinking too much. Like a coming of age film, the girls have to decide how to handle the situation, and what to tell their father once they get home.

The video shows the girls playing guitar and singing together, starting out with their full band in the morning sunshine wearing street clothes. By the end of the video, it’s night time and they are wearing their new sequin dresses as they sing together under outdoor prom lights.

The song features a different story. The first verse mentions waking up confused and having a hard time getting out of bed. She knows what she wants to do, and she’s doing the best she can.

It’s all I can do, I want to you understand

I wish I could be there for you

I’m just one girl with a tired heart and two hands

Some day I’ll love you more than I am

But until then, doing the best I can

The second verse also deal with ambiguity in a relationship. She sings that you ask me what’s wrong, but it’s just a feeling, so I can’t really tell you. She knows that he wants to fix it. All she can articulate is that she’s running on empty and is unable to commit fully to him.

If you heard those lyrics on the radio, you wouldn’t get the image of teenagers dancing after prom ends, or daughters arguing with their father about necklines and curfews. The video is cute and tells a great story, and the song is powerful, but they represent two different images. There's not much to smile and laugh about in the song, yet the video shows the teens having a great time.

However in both the song and the video, there’s an undertone of love for the person who is narrating. The father loves his daughters and ends the video with a big hug. Listening to the song by itself, you get a sense of compassion the person she’s singing to, knowing that he wants her to be happy.

Either way, Kopper and Kash are fun musicians, and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Click here to watch the video for “The Best I Can

Songwriters: Abby Anderson, David DeVaul, Josh Kerr

Performed by: Kopper and Kash

Keep up with Kopper and Kash at:

Artist Website | Instagram |Facebook

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