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Caitlin Mae envies "Fiona" in her new song

Caitlin Mae was born and raised in the UK, but records and performs in Nashville when she can. Caitlin's previous single was #1 on iTunes as well as song of the year by the ARC Radio Listener Awards. In 2022, she became the International Female Vocalist of the Year and won the music video of the year award at the ISSAs. She was also a finalist at both the recent Josie Music Awards and the BCMA Awards.

Caitlin's new song “Fiona” is about the fairy tale life, and how it’s not real. “Although sadness can be found at the heart of the song, I believe that when we find ourselves in darkness, there is always a light switch, even when it appears impossible to find,” Caitlin states.

The song begins with a synthesized muted guitar, and Caitlin has a nice reverb on her voice. She keeps the lyrics tight together without holding long notes, emphasizing her story, without a lot of background instruments.

The first verse mentions the icons of riding in on a white horse, looking in a mirror at storming eyes, and showing a vacant smile to people outside the gates of hell. Drums kick in and the chorus launches into a rock style.

My princess tower’s taller than Fiona’s

She’s the lucky one in my book

My fire breathing dragon is deceiving

He could kill with just one look

Her metaphor continues, and the eerie guitar takes over the production. She says the beautiful sky is just out of reach, and she’s haunted by the empty room she’s trapped in. She adds that no one is there to catch her if she falls.

In the bridge, she seems to be giving herself a pep talk, saying get out quietly, get feet on the ground, and run. You begin to see why she calls Fiona the lucky one – she was able to leave her tower, get away from the dragon who guarded her, and start a new life in the Disney story.

The song never takes a happy tone, but doesn’t sound desperate either. Caitlin uses just enough echo in her voice to let you know she’s serious about fixing her situation. And Caitlin is going to take matters into her own hands, instead of waiting for a prince like “Fiona.”

Click HERE to listen to "Fiona"

Song Credits:

Writer: Caitlin Mae Nedahl

Produced at Sound Kitchen Studios, Franklin, TN,

Keep up with Caitlin Mae at:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube | Patreon

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