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Cash Crawford’s “Save Myself,” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day’ for 08/16/2022

Cash Crawford is a singer/songwriter who has been involved in the music industry for over 20 years. Cash is originally from rural Pritchard Canada and now resides in Nashville. During her time in Canada she would sing with her sister every chance she got and even participated in Canadian Idol.

With the release of her new single “Save Myself” Cash is “growing, healing, evolving, and learning all through her own shadow.” Cash really allows the listener to take a deep dive into her own light and dark sides, with her refreshing raw honesty in the song and in her music. She says that the song was a way of her acknowledging that at a time, she looked to others for happiness instead of herself.

You didn’t save me

And I couldn’t save myself

No I don’t hate you

I broke my heart myself

How could you love me

When I didn’t love me

Felt like a nobody

But how could you know

This time I save myself

From the very first chord, the song draws in the listener with its electric guitar strums simultaneously backed by rhythmic drum patterns and piano. Cash’s voice is rich, soulful, powerful, and filled with emotion. “Save Myself” is an incredibly reflective piece as Cash sings to someone, a lover, possibly an ex who couldn’t save her because she needed to save herself by overcoming her own battles.

Taking on such a difficult concept in a song is both beautiful and bold as people struggle with inner demons and pain in their life and while we often want someone to come in and take that pain away, essentially saving us, the only one who can truly save us is ourselves. Ultimately, this song not only gives us insight into Cash’s own inner monologue but of our own as well and reminds us that we must take care of ourselves, that another person is not going to fix what is broken, we have to be the ones to do that.

To listen to “Save Myself” Click Here

Song Credits:

Writers: Cash Crawford, Don Miggs, John Luzzi

Producer: Don Miggs

Stay connected with Cash Crawford:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Tiktok

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