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Crying & Laughing with Hunter Flanagan on “Talk and Tunes” May 10, 2022

21-year-old Hunter Flanagan of Carrollton, Georgia is a country music singer-songwriter, but that is just a small piece of this young man’s wide range of talents. We dive into getting to know a little bit more about all of his various skills on the show today.

Hunter started the show off with an unreleased song he wrote in memory of his grandmother that passed away in February, 2021 titled “Don’t Forget To Write” he states he wrote it this past Saturday on a two-hour ride home with his mom, while he was thinking about Mother’s Day being the following day and there just wasn’t a song about Grandmother’s.

“Expected the lights to go out and the room to shake.

The ground would open up and start an earthquake

but just one little breath and you were gone.

You were larger than life in our mind.

They said it’s your time but I’d gladly trade you mine,

to have one more day here before you go.

I know you always liked it when I’d sing

So goodbye don’t forget to write. And enjoy your wings.”

After Hunter was finished performing this extremely emotional tribute, he saw how affected I was by it stating “oh no, I broke the host” as he literally left me in tears. He says he does plan to release this as his next single. But for now, you can listen/watch it here on our show or on Hunter’s Facebook.

Hunter grew up knowing he wanted to be a musician and not only does he write, sing and play the guitar but he also plays the ukulele, banjo, drums, harp, mandolin, fiddle, and harmonica. He is extremely gifted musically - I was amazed to learn that he was also the producer on his latest releases “Broken” and “Annabelle” as well as did the cover art.

Hunter closed out the show with his debut release, a single he wrote during the pandemic called “World”s Goin to Hell” in which he told us he meant for it to originally be sad and somber but thought there was enough of that in the world at the time, so he decided to put a Johnny Cash vibe to it. He credits TC Ray for totally crushing the guitar instrumentation on this tune.

Even though I started off crying from Hunter’s first song, I can’t remember when I have laughed so much on a show. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of getting to know him as an artist and as a wonderful guy with all his 'fun' facts! For example - do more people die each year from sharks or cows? If you want to know that and more, you’ll have to check out our show. You can watch the replay here on our IGTV and/or our Podcast when the episode comes out.

To listen to “World’s Goin’ to Hell” click HERE

Song Credits for Both songs:

Hunter Stephan Flanagan

To stay connected with Hunter Flanagan:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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