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Hunter Flanagan’s “Broken” - Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 “Song of the Day”

Hunger Flanagan is a country singer/songwriter as well as an actor out of Carrollton, Georgia. In both 2019 and 2020 he was the Georgia Country Overall Artist of the Year. He has also opened for many iconic artists including, but not limited to, Rhonda Vincent and Gene Watson.

Hunter delivers a hauntingly beautiful piece with “Broken.” If you enjoy live, acoustic sessions and brilliant storytelling then you will love this song. “Broken,” tells the listener a story of a man who has lived a hard life as a “broken” and “rambling” man taking “jobs wherever he can” living a life that “most can’t stand.” The simplicity of the acoustic guitar with Hunter’s vocals give a deep feeling of intimacy between the listener and the song, as if Hunter were right next to you performing it.

“…saddest sight you’ve ever seen. I’m alive yea by that devil’s rum you can see how I’m living the dream, but I’m just broken.”

Hunter tells us that "Broken is a song that came out of my love for old country murder ballads. I really wanted to write an older bluesy style country song. And it manifested itself in broken. I'm very proud of this song and couldn't have imagined it turn out better."

The themes of brokenness and life not always going as planned, are relatable to the masses, whether one is a rambler or not. This dark lullaby has multitudes of levels of humanity and truth in its tale. A great listen for all.

To listen to “Broken” click Here

Song Credits:

Hunter Stephan Flanagan

To stay connected with Hunter Flanagan:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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