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Dallas Remington’s “White Trash Heart” is RT66’s ‘Song of the Day’ for July 21, 2022

Dallas Remington is a “rising Nashville country music artist.” Originally from Kentucky and the fifth generation of a farming family, Dallas “took the plunge” and moved to Nashville at 15 years old. Dallas has had many notable successes thus far including charting on Billboard Country Indicator Chart, Music Row Country Breakout, and more! With her latest single “White Trash Heart” Dallas shares that it is an autobiographical anthem and is her realization of her need to embrace her Kentucky roots.

Lord knows my mama tried

probably gonna wreck daddy’s pride

That’s who I am inside

hell I ain’t the bougie kind

They wish I’s different

but I play my part

The family’s black sheep with a


The song’s musical intro gives the listener a sense of anticipation with its slow rise buildup and riffs. The motif of the intro continues to appear in the verses until finding full relief in the chorus. This musical relief in the chorus also correlates with the lyrics as Dallas fully accepts her “white trash heart.” With catchy lyrics relatable to many country girls and radical acceptance, “White Trash Heart,” is an absolutely genius song. Dallas’s vocals offer an authentic and raw country feel that cannot be faked and is so rare which pairs perfectly with her song.

All in all Dallas and her song “White Trash Heart,” are completely authentic, original, and just outright amazing. It's surely to be among the top of the fun summer anthem playlists. One of those tunes you just can't help but to want to sing along with.

To Listen to “White Trash Heart,” click Here

Song Credits:

Writers: Nancy Deckant, Lauren Spring, Cyndi Limbaugh Torres and Dallas Remington

Produced by- Corey Lawson

Mastered by- Harold LaRue Mastering

Vocal Performance by- Dallas Remington

Drums by- Cody Waggett

Bass Guitar by- Brandon Roberts

Electric Guitar by- Jake Bishop

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Banjo added by- Corey Lawson

Lap Steel by- Smith Curry

Background Vocals by- Alexa Slaymaker

Stay Connected with Dallas Remington:

Website | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | Facebook

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