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Exclusive Feature Release: Dallas Remington's newest single & summer jam - "WHITE TRASH HEART"

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Singer-songwriter Dallas Remington is a spunky, sassy Kentucky girl with a passion for life, music, and her faith and it spills into everything she does, down to her pink hair! She is always working diligently to establish herself as a country music artist, and this is shown by her recent successes as she continues to garner attention across the social media outlets.


While Dallas does loves to show us her spirited side with songs like her recent release "Mullet," a country-rock tune inspired by the great 80's era hair style, she proves she can also slow it down and let those heart-warming vocals shine through. In 2020 Dallas showed us her lighter, softer side with her emotionally penned single "Uncommon Man," co-written with Courtney Bumbacher that was dedicated to Dallas's father and all of the essential workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic who sacrificed to work through a time of unknown and uncertainty, won WBCW Florida Country Radio Single Of The Year.

While some of Dallas' songs are born through imagination, the brand new single "White Trash Heart" is one that came from real life. "Back in January, I went on a writing retreat with a bunch of my friends. While talking to all the girls before our morning session, I told them about a crazy weekend I had on the road a few months earlier & about a guy I ran into. I remember saying ‘I don’t know why I was so attracted to him & why I can’t forget about that weekend...’ I believe it was Lauren who pipped up and said ‘so we could write the song!’ WHITE TRASH HEART is a fun, rockin’, autobiographical anthem that was born when I realized I needed to embrace that part of me & my Kentucky roots.”

Musically, the track brings together grungy guitars, traditional country and a rocky-edge, all of which combine to create a unique, foot-stomping anthem. Though the song is loud and heavy, the core of the lyrical content is emotive and relatable. When talking about the songs origin, Dallas says that she always thought she was a bit different from her friends when it came to the "types" of men they liked. Then when a wild, shirtless farm boy in overalls came walking up to her, she knew it was true.

Lord knows my mama tried, probably gonna wreck daddy’s pride

That’s who I am inside, hell I ain’t the bougie kind

They wish I’s different, but I play my part

The family’s black sheep with a white trash heart

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s trashy

While it's not necessarily intentional, the storytelling in the song opens itself for interpretation to the idea that it doesn't matter who you are and who or what you love! It's totally ok to be different!

"Seeing how “WHITE TRASH HEART" is connecting with people is great. This song comes from a real place and we hope the world enjoys it as much as we did when we wrote it. - Nancy Deckant, co-writer.

"Dallas is fearless about owning exactly who she is and turned a punchline into a thing of pride with this song. "WHITE TRASH HEART" is a blue collar anthem for the girls and it’s been crazy to watch how hard they are HERE FOR IT!!" - Lauren Spring, co-writer.



*Dallas Remington and Rt66 are teaming up today, Thursday, July 21, 2022 in honor of her release for a FUN GIVEAWAY so stay tuned to the all the socials for ALL the details of how to enter!!!

Song Credits:

Songwriters: Dallas Remington, Nancy Deckant, Lauren Spring, Cyndi Limbaugh Torres

Musician/Production credits:

Producer: Corey Lawson

Studio: Recorded & Mixed at Claw Sound Studios

Drums: Cody Waggett

Bass: Brandon Roberts

Electric guitar: Jake Bishop

Electric guitar, acoustic guitar & banjo: Corey Lawson

Lapsteel: Smith Curry

BGVs: Alexa Slaymaker

Mixed by Corey Lawson

Mastered by Harold Larue Mastering

Blog written by Stacie Jowers and Rachel Sellick

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