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Feature Release: Craven - Adam Johnson

From the “Paris of the Prairies,” Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Adam Johnson is an emerging country musician who grew his roots in rock ‘n’ roll. He grew up inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones before gaining an interest in country acts like Dierks Bentley and Kenny Chesney.

During 2020, Adam began writing country music during the pandemic, and eventually teamed up with Nolita Studios to record his debut single “Come On Let’s Go” which hit #1 on the Canadian indie Country Countdown.

'Craven' was written by Adam's uncle over years of attending the Country Thunder Saskatchewan music festival, aka Craven, and pulls the listener toward the heart of the festival grounds. The joy of pitting in for a weekend and enjoying country music with your friends is boundless. Encompassing a combination of traditional country music instrumentation with a Rock'N'Roll-inspired, punchy sound, you're sure to be up on your feet! A perfect track for a country night out!

Together they perform the song the way you might hear it as you pass a campsite full of friends playing guitars. With eyes closed, you can find yourself in a lawn chair, a cold beer in hand and surrounded by friends, singing along to the perfect festival party song.

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To Listen to "Craven" click Here

Song Credits

Performed by: Adam Johnson, Ches Anthony, Cooper, Tropeau, and Darryl Anderson

Written by: Adam James Johnson and Michael Doughty

Produced by: Jesse Weiman

Studio: Nolita Studios

Guitar and Banjo by: Ches Anthony

Bass by: Jesse Weiman

Drums by: Brad King

Album Artwork: Breanne Anderson

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