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Getting to know the amazingly talented "Megan Knight" on “Talk and Tunes” on April 19th, 2022

It was such a pleasure getting to spend time with Nashville Recording artist, Megan Knight, learning more about her amazing musical journey. We started the show off by talking about her latest release “Take it to The Grave.” Megan stated she walked into the write with just the title asking “is it just me or is this an awesome title and they were like I love it! So we got to work.” What was created was phenomenal! Megan’s natural vulnerability shines through in this lyrically powerful story that is a continuation from her previous song “My Drama.”

In the “My Drama” video it ended with the dark side completely taking over and with “Take It To The Grave,” the story is told from the darker side’s perspective, of being in a one-sided, toxic relationship, where she feels unloved and wants out - but there are sins and secrets that she must take to the grave.

But it’s only one-sided - Will a love unrequited - Rob me of my dignity

In this world there are things - That are better left unsaid - That keep me haunted

Knotted, tossing, turning in my bed - Best to dig a hole - And leave them buried in my head - But with a broken heart - And no soul to save - If I take it to the grave

"In this track, the woman was left feeling unloved and had acted out because of it, now as she sits in regret she wonders if she should confess her wrongs or simply keep them buried in the past forever." - Megan Knight

Unfortuntanatly, Megan was unable to perform live during this episode of “Talk and Tunes” so I thought it would be fun to play a game of “Name that Tune” with her and our listeners. Megan admittedly said she was not any good at this game as she was unable to guess any of the tunes correctly, however, one of our listeners did - Don Yasuda, guessing our second song, Ingrid Andress’s “Good Person” won him a “Starbucks” $5 gift card, Congratulations Don!

With Megan being a musician of course she loves to travel, something I also love to do, so I asked her if she had a dream vacation destination. She stated she would love to go to Europe, more specifically Germany. As far as her dream venue to play at - well that was easy, anywhere big like Wells Fargo or somewhere similar opening for a well-known artist. Well, Megan, I don’t think for someone with your talent and determination, that dream is unrealistic. I will definitely be following and watching your musical journey on that pathway to stardom.

To hear more of my conversation with Megan you can watch the replay on our IGTV series “Talk and Tunes” on Rt66Instagram

Listen to "Take It To The Grave" HERE

To stay connected with Megan Knight:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Written and Produced by: Megan Knight, James LeBlanc, Jimmy Nutt

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Jimmy Nutt at NuttHouse Studio, Muscle Shoals, AL.

Vocal: Megan Knight

Acoustic and Electric Guitars: James LeBlanc

Drums: Tommy Harden

Drums and Percussion: Jimmy Nutt

Piano and Synth: Johnathan Brown

Backing Vocals: James LeBlanc

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