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Zack Cornell joined Stacie on Rt66's “Talk & Tunes” 6-14-2022

Nashville resident country singer-songwriter Zack Cornell joined host, Stacie on Rt66 Country Music's “Talk and Tunes” show June 14, 2022 to talk to about his upcoming new album and new song release “Stay Awhile.” Zack is originally from Amarillo, Texas. Stacie and Zack shared the experience of having their loyalties to their hometown football teams and how people expect them to change depending on where they are currently living. Zack gave Stacie the inside story as to how he started his music career, it is an interesting story.

Zack's performed his single "Stay Awhile" that was released on March 4, 2022. Stacie commented on how his vocals reminded her of John Anderson’s style with a twist of Zack Brown. His 2020 EP “Devil’s Been Working” had numerous songs Stacie liked but she did name her top four favs. During discussion about the new album, Zack tells us that he hasn’t decided on an exact release date yet but the next single will be out in about a month, and to stay tuned to his socials for new release date information.

Zack writes all of his own music and shared with us some of his biggest musical influences, they are not what you would expect. He further explained how a songwriter may predict which song will be a hit but it doesn’t always turn out the way you may think. They discussed the song writing process and how varied it can be. Zack tells us that he has warned his family anything they say can wind up being an inspiration for a song, though claiming he will protect their identity, this could get interesting.

Zach Cornell recorded his 2020 album, "Devil's Been Working," down at Black Dog Recording Studio located in Nashville. It is a mix of country with infusions of other genres, however his new album is purely country based. For a special sneak preview of a new song he has not released yet, Zack sang the show’s finale, the song he wrote dedicated to "Abilene" a city that is rarely sung about. You heard it first on "Talk and Tunes" check back soon to learn the release date of "Abilene."

To watch this episode of “Talk and Tunes” click HERE

To listen to the song "Stay Awhile" click HERE

Song Credits:

Zach Cornell - Writer, Vocals

Jack Gavin - Production and Drums

Kevin Willis - Engineer

Kent Wells - Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Mike Daly - Pedal Steel Guitar

Jake Clayton - Fiddle

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