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Canadian Country Artist - Adam Johnson joins Stacie on “Talk & Tunes” Jun 7, 2022

Adam Johnson started his singer-songwriter journey with a full on rock and roll

influence including The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. As he developed his own personal songwriting style he found his footing with influences such as Kenny

Chesney and Dierks Bentley. Country music had always been a part of his life and it was a natural transition to find his way back in 2020. He released a

memorable duet of his song “Last Call at the Bar” with vocalist Andrea An, inspired by Taylor Swifts’ “1989” and the music of Billie Elish. A very appealing

contrast of Adams golden baritone vocals and the sweetness of Andrea An’s

vocals takes the song to the romantic feeling.

During this lively discussion between Stacie and Adam, they cover several behind the scenes subjects. Being a native of Saskatchewan, Canada, Adam brings a fresh perspective to country music with his varied musical influences, making a name for himself as a talented songsmith. But does he want to go by his given name or a stage name? How does he keep his family life separate from his public persona?

Speaking of the successes that comes this type of career, the good and the, well, maybe not so good - be sure to watch the replay of show on our IGTV and/or catch the upcoming podcast episode to hear Adam describe the emotions he felt the first time he heard the crowd sing one of his original songs back to him while on stage performing and to the opposite, his most embarrassing moment thus far.

Adam’s fans can thank his Uncle for encouraging him to start singing. He shares with us his songwriting process, how some are accidental, others are all about the art of storytelling which is typical of country music. To which, he ended the show with a lively performance of “Craven.” An upbeat song about “going to party in Craven, a Saskatchewan music festival in the Heartland of Saskatchewan,” a thigh slapping, boot kick’n lets party song.

To Watch this episode of “Talk & Tunes” click Here

To listen to “Last Call at the Bar” click Here

To Listen to "Craven" click Here

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