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Getting to know “Walker Montgomery” for who HE is on Rt66’s “Talk and Tunes” Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Walker Montgomery a native of Nicholasville, KY, has strong country music roots being the son of John Michael Montgomery and the nephew of Eddie Montgomery, of Montgomery Gentry. Walker has proven that he lives up to that linage with his debut single “Simple Town,” which was also the title track of his introductory EP, which has already earned nearly 4 million streams on Spotify. That success garnered him a deal with Play It Again Music, setting him up for the release of his sophomore EP “Rust,” which will undoubtedly have the same, or will be more successful than his previous songs.

Let me just go and ahead and get this out of the way. Yes, It is true, believe it or not, I had NO idea that the Walker I was about to interview was the son of John Michael Montgomery! But, honestly that is the way I intended Rt66 to be, completely organic. I want to get to know the artists for who they are, not for who their family members may be. I always listen to my guests music before I have them on the show, that's what I care about and that’s why he was on "Talk and Tunes." Additionally, if I had known, I probably would have been nervous. In fact, I told Walker, I was such a huge fan of his fathers that I have seen him live in concert and one of his songs was sung at my wedding.

I asked Walker which of his songs is the most special to him, he told me that it was “Simple Town,” partly because it was his debut single/EP but that “Rust” was getting there. When I asked him what it would take for it to surpass "Simple Town," he said, I’m not sure, we’ll just have to see.

I had a fantastic time getting to know more about Walker, talking about his music and learning some fun and interesting facts about him. Probably the most surprising was that he is a Frank Sinatra fan and lover of the "swing era." He did start the show off by giving us an amazing performance of his latest number “Rust” which is off his above mentioned (6) song EP also titled “Rust” that was recently released on March 25, 2022. He ended the show with one of his favorite covers of a Hank Williams Jr classic “Old Habits.”

To hear more about what we talked about, check out our show click HERE

To listen to “Rust” click HERE

To stay connected to Walker Montgomery:

Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Website

Song Credits for “Rust”:

Writers: Ashley Gorley, Nicolle Galyon and Brandon Lay

Produced by: The Peach Pickers

Sources: Play It Again Entertainment

Round Hill Music

Warner Chappel Music

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