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Walker Montgomery’s “Rust” is ‘Song of the Day’ for May 5, 2022

Walker Montgomery, chosen as an Artist to Watch in 2022, is a rising singer/songwriter who knows a thing or two about family tradition. Signed to Play It Again Entertainment and produced by the multi-award-winning chart-topping team known to the world as The Peach Pickers – Dallas Davidson; Ben Hayslip; and Rhett Akins - he has already put his classically-inspired, honey-bourbon vocal to use on a self-penned hit debut “Simple Town,” which as over 4 Million Spotify streams.

“I want my music to stand the test of time and connect with people no matter who they are.”

Walker Montgomery gives us nothing short of a fabulous country hit with his song “Rust.” He uses his unique vocal styling, country tone, and added harmonies to create a traditional country song with modern production. The term ‘rust’ is symbolic of Montgomery’s life experiences, bringing together all the colorful reminders from his youth, growing up surrounded by chain link fences in the backyard, the screen porch and his dad’s old Chevrolet.

Blue skies, black top, and some fields of gold

white cotton popping up where the green grass grows

this red light town wouldn’t shine like it does

yeah - if it didn't have a little rust -up and down that water tower

rust - wrapped around that barbed wire

we don’t need no paint trying to cover it up

ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of rust”

Rust represents life, especially life in a small town, along with the beauty and memories associated with it. The track itself has both melodic electric guitar and powerful drum rhythms that give it a nostalgic sense of driving down country roads. You will singing along and jamming out to this tune for sure. It will be the anthemic song of the summer.

To listen to "Rust" click HERE

Song credits:

Writers: Ashley Gorley, Nicolle Galyon and Brandon Lay

Produced by: The Peach Pickers

Sources: Play It Again Entertainment

Round Hill Music

Warner Chappel Music

To stay connected to Walker Montgomery:

Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Website

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