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Lance and Lea bring a sense of peace & joy with their latest single and video “Texas Tonight"

Texas native Lance Kotara and Colorado cowgirl LeAnna Kaufman dream loud and like to live their lives the same way, so it was no surprise when the two singer/songwriters met in Nashville, TN forming their duo Lance and Lea. Marked by heart-pounding harmonies, prominent guitars, emotional lyrics, and melodies, their collaborative genius is on fire, with over 400 songs already written together. Their latest single “Texas Tonight” is just another example of how this power duo is sharing their lives through story and song with their listeners.

When we asked Lance and Lea about the inspiration for this new single, the response was easily stated by Lea, “Lance grew up in Texas and both of us absolutely love it there! The cool thing about this song is even if you don’t have any connection to Texas whatsoever you’ll still be able to relate to it because it’s about a feeling, a place you go to escape the madness of the world, a place you go for peace of mind, a place that feels like home. Wherever that may be. Could be on top of Mt Everest or on your own front porch.”

From that rocking intro leading into the smooth vocals from Lance, then blending in the perfect harmonies from Lea, this song makes anyone feel right at home. It’s all about where you can go to find peace of mind when you get lost in the world, and how you can hit the highway and be on your own version of “Texas Tonight”

That lone star sky

And the Austin lights

It’s the feeling I get crossing that state line

Gonna turn these wheels down 35

And put the pedal to the metal

Cause I gotta be in Texas tonight

The song describes the people and the music of Texas, with a nod to the great food and a remark about the terribly hot summers. It’s easy to see why Lance and Lea they say they miss Texas when they are gone.

The bridge features an electric guitar solo layered over subtle vocalizations. That great production decision lets you know these singers realize how solid their instruments are. When they repeat the chorus the next time, they make small changes to the vocals to let you know they recorded each line separately. There’s no copy and paste going on here.

It’s organic music like this record that makes you wanna listen closely while you’re dancing and singing along. So put the pedal to the metal and listen to “Texas Tonight.”

Additional Video Review:

This was an additional unexpected review added after already reviewing the song…but I felt the need to add a little something about the video because it just backed up the song so well. The simplicity of it just being Lance and Lea literally driving in the car on their way to Texas, seemingly thinking about what it’s going to be like when they get there. I’m imaging this crazy fun yet slightly chaotic, all over the country tour they have been on, in their beloved “honeybee” and how relaxing it’s going to be, to just be home - when they get to “Texas Tonight.”

I gotta get me

Some peace of mind

Out in this world

Yeah I get lost sometimes

Things are heavy

But my heart is light

I’m going home

To Texas tonight

To Listen to “Texas Tonight” click Here

To watch the video to “Texas Tonight” click Here

Song Credits:

Songwriters: Lance Kotara and LeAnna Kaufman

Produced and mixed by: Evan Sieling

Drums: Pete Wilson

Bass Guitar: Christian Harger

Electric Guitars: Lance Kotara and Evan Sieling

Acoustic Guitars: Lance Kotara and LeAnna Kaufman

Pedal Steel and other instrumentation: Evan Sieling

Video Credits:

Video by Kimberly Sprenger

Produced by Evan Sieling

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Blog written by Stacie Jowers and Cyndi Alba

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