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Zye Ca$h is ready to "Love Someone"

From Fredericksburg, VA, artist Zye Ca$h is hard to define. He’s a single dad who has tons of followers on TikTok, showcasing his talent as a singer and entertainer. He started writing poetry when he was a teenager, which eventually led to rapping and singing. He credits social media with keeping him active with his fans so much that he can be a full-time musician now.

His first official single “Love Someone” was pre-saved by thousands of fans before its release, and has been making all kinds of play lists since then. This smooth song leans on an R&B influenced groove, but the lyrics are rooted in country. Zye starts off with a voice recording in the background, quoting Scripture and wondering when it will be his time to fall in love, as he starts to sing parts of the chorus over it.

I want to love someone now and forever

I want to love someone, like Faith and Tim

I want that old school love in handwritten letters

No, I ain’t done enough until I love someone

In the verse he says that he wants to begin a new life with his Dixieland delight, and everywhere is heaven when they are together holding hands. He can’t promise it will be perfect, but he wants to be like June and Johnny, and he is trying to be her ride or die. He prays, God, please send her.

After the second chorus, he picks up the tempo and addresses the potential girlfriend. He says they can build something strong from the ground up. Even though the last guy did her wrong, he ain’t about that. He’ll be here 365, and he ain’t going nowhere. His authentic lyrics are believable.

Zye then returns to the original melody, and says how once he finds her, he’ll be like the sweetest songs she’s ever heard. He’ll fix mistakes every night, never call it quits, and that love won’t fade with age.

It’s interesting to see how Zye basically has two songs in here together – the smooth danceable groove with a singable melody, and the staccato one that almost seems like a rap. But about the time you think the song pivoted into something new, Zye brings back the original chorus again. There’s no formula here. Zye is just showing his creativity and rolling with what he’s good at.

And based on his lyrics, Zye would be good to “Love Someone.

Click here to listen to “Love Someone

Song Credits:

Songwriters Zye Ca$h and Dustin Lamoureaux

Produced by Jake Angel Beats

Mixed by Brandon Manley

Keep up with Zye Ca$h at:

Instagram Facebook TikTok YouTube

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