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Liam Coleman joins Ashley on “Talk and Tunes” Tuesday, May 3, 2022

It was such a blast to interview the outgoing and talented Liam Coleman. Liam is a country singer/songwriter who is originally from Charlton, Massachusetts and tells me that he has been singing his whole life, but really taking it seriously in the last 4 years. Something that I found very unique about Liam is that he comes from a family of first responders and is actually the first in his family to pursue a career in music, however they have always been extremely supportive of his musical dreams.

Liam kicked off the show with a beautifully executed acoustic version of his latest release “Vintage,” that held the same high standard as his produced recording. Written with Payton Lucile Howie, Liam tells us that the initial idea for the song came from an old sweatshirt that his dad asked him if he wanted to have. Having had that initial family inspiration from the song was something really impactful to me especially given that they are connected and supportive of his career choices.

Liam tells me that later this month, May 2022, he will be releasing his first ever music video for “Vintage.”

Liam tells us about making the move to Nashville, how he feels it was the best decision for him and even though he is generally a happy person, it’s definitely the happiest he has been. He spends most of his time songwriting, performing, playing guitar and watching others perform. Outside of music, Liam enjoys football and of course the Patriots are his favorite team.

Liam is certainly the full package as an artist. He is not only able to write incredibly well, but his vocals have those soulful country roots that simply cannot be taught and a level of authenticity that can be hard to come by. He also plays the guitar, although he actually started playing the drums at the age of 6.

Liam closed out the interview with another song called “The First Time,” that he wrote with Nathan Wilson and Tori Hughes. Upon hearing it, I felt it has major hit potential and if it was out I would absolutely have it on all of my Spotify playlists. Though the song is not released just yet, you can hear his acoustic performance of it on Rt66 Country Music’s IGTV as well as watch the full interview and you can stream “Vintage,” on all music platforms.

To watch this episode of “Talk and Tunes” click Here

To listen to “Vintage” click Here

To stay connected to Liam Coleman:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Song Credits:


Writers: Liam Coleman and Payton Lucile Howie

Source: Marathon Records

“The First Time”

Writers: Liam Coleman, Nathan Wilson and Tori Hughes

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