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Liam Coleman shows that "Vintage" is cool in his new video

Liam Coleman knew he wanted to be a country singer so much that he left his home in Charlton, MA when he was a teenager and headed to Nashville. Back home, he’s been performing and has won Worchester Music Awards for “Best Up & Comer” and the grand prize in the New England Songwriting Competition, while he continues living and working in Nashville.

His newest song, “Vintage” was inspired by watching his parents clean out their closets, and he noticed a faded sweat shirt. “As I started looking at some of the other things I owned and that I thought were some of my coolest possessions, I started to realize they all for the most part had something in common. They were all vintage,” Liam says.

The video opens with Liam playing guitar and singing in an old garage with paint on the windows, and the natural light coming through gives the room a hazy blue effect. The camera skips to him outside, hugging his girlfriend against the brick wall outside the garage door. The setting is industrial, even showing the pipes and gears of an old factory when they are outside the garage in the sun light. Yup, that’s vintage.

It must be cold inside, because he’s wearing his denim jacket with the fleece lined collar. When the video returns to him dancing with his girlfriend, she’s wearing a bright yellow Rolling Stones shirt with bell bottom jeans and white Go-Go boots, and he’s got on a red plaid flannel over a black t-shirt with stacked jeans and brown cowboy boots. Yup, that’s vintage.

The lyrics in the first verse talk about his favorite sweatshirt with the faded logo on the front, and his truck that is rusted out. As he starts to sing the chorus, we see him sitting down, with old furniture and broken shelves around him, in a corrugated tin building.

Grandpa used to let me play them vinyls

Dylan, Hank, and Cash are just my style

I still play that guitar that my daddy gave to me

He bought it back in high school, it was mine when I turned 16

You may think I’m old fashioned, but vintage is cool to me

The second verse mentions some of the vintage items Liam enjoys, like Coca-Cola, Pac-Man and his dusty comic books that he’ll never sell. When he repeats the last chorus, he wears a ball cap from Armadillo Hat company, and you feel like it’s part of the joke he and his girlfriend are sharing.

When he repeats the chorus again, with the same the steel guitar laced through the lyrics, we can’t help but notice the style of his song. Yup, that’s “Vintage.”

Click here to watch “Vintage

Song Credit:

Songwriters: Liam Coleman and Payton Lucille Howie

To stay connected with Liam Coleman:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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