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Rob Fitzgerald imagines "If Country Was a Town"

Canadian born Rob Fitzgerald has been working and recording in Nashville since lockdown ended. His music has been rapidly hitting the US Country charts. Prior to performing in Nashville songwriter venues, he was featured in music festivals in Toronto. He’s appeared on several TV shows including “Canada Sings” and won several international songwriting competitions.

Because Rob is partnered with AMG Publishing, his music is played in more than 750,000 restaurants and bars across North America. In 2018, he also secured multiple sync licensing deals for TV with the Discovery Network, NASCAR Channel, and other networks. He is constantly releasing new music, gaining international radio play, and launching a tour.

Rob's newest release “If Country Was a Town” is a great example of the classic country sound he emulates. He says this song was “inspired by the state of things today as we’ve strayed from traditional values, ethics, and priorities and how we might get back to “the good ole days” through the words of Country Music.

The song opens with Rob singing about listening to the radio, and he wonders why life has changed from what the songs represent. The steel guitar and background vocals he uses bring out the flavor of country music from previous decades, as the two-step beat and electric guitar keep the song from sounding stuffy.

In the first verse, Rob mentions that folks are not polite anymore, and everyone is on their phones now and posting their perfect lives online. He says we should try to live our lives like George Strait lyrics.

If Country was a town, not a lock on a door to be found

We’d be ok to get in the truck, and take the long way around

There’d be room here at the table, for you to join us if you’re able

‘Cause we’d be living in the middle of the moments that really count

Imagine where we’d be if Country was a town

The second verse addresses the work ethic, the Sunday church services, visiting your mother, and the long-lasting relationships prevalent in country music. He says the roots we put down are here to stay, and he reminds us that rolling up our sleeves to dig deep doesn’t hurt. After the second chorus, he encourages us that country is not a place, and maybe we can get back those feelings if we believe.

Instead of a guitar solo, Rob features a fiddle solo. During the last chorus, he adds a honky tonk piano leading into the climax when the drums come back in. The last notes you hear in the song are the steel guitar. It’s so refreshing to hear new music from an artist who remembers what country music used to sound like, and who wants to revisit that style without being cliché about it. It’s also nice to hear multiple instruments creating that sound, instead of using electronic imitations. It’s not the cheapest way to make a country record, but it’s the best way to recreate that sound.

Rob says, it all starts with you and me, then we can all imagine life together “If Country Was a Town.”

Click here to listen to "If Country Was A Town"

Song Credits:

Writers: Rob Fitzgerald, Sarah Peterson

Producer: Eli Beaird

Recorded at Beaird Music Group Studio, Nashville

To Stay Connected with Rob Fitzgerald:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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