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Rob Fitzgerald joins me on “Talk and Tunes” Tuesday, May 17, 2022

It’s always a pleasure to have Canadian born country artist Rob Fitzgerald on the show. Today, I welcome him back on ‘Talk and Tunes’ to discuss with me everything that’s been going on musically and hear all about his latest release “Good Ole Country Song.” Rob is a country singer/songwriter that blends the musical roots from many styles and influences.

Rob started the show off by bringing us up to date on what all he has been up to. Most recently, he has been shooting the music video for his single “Another Town” and shared with us the process of making that video and all the hours of work that goes into a 3 minute video. Also how that song actually began as something completely different and ended up being two separate songs - “Another Town” and “Enjoy The Ride.”

Rob then performed for us “Another Town” co-written by Sarah Peterson, produced and recorded in Nashville in October 2021, which is a break up song but not your typical sad break up song but rather one that’s so bad, he just has to pack up and leave town. The video is due to release the first week of June. This song was also Rob’s first single that he released to US radio and was played on over 41 stations!

We talked about how to stay humble, how to stay the course and not get discouraged. Rob reminds us he wasn’t always a singer, that he was previously only a songwriter. When he decided to do both he took on a mentor, Warren Sellers, whom he attributes greatly for helping him to navigate both singing and songwriting, being able to enjoy both. Like a line in Luke Combs song “Doing This”, he phrases it in the form of a question I'd Still Be Doing This If I Wasn't Doing This” and his answer is an easy Yes!

Rob closed out the show for us, performing his latest single “Good Ole Country Song” that just released on May 13, 2022. He shared with us that it was written over Covid to get us thinking and looking forward to something simple and fun, where we can all escape to just for a little while. I told him when I first heard this tune, it immediately took me back to my nights of going line dancing. It’s just one of those songs that make you want to dance and sing along too. Being the perfect response as Rob explains, he plans on shooting a music video for it later this summer that will feature line dancing.

To watch the replay of our “Talk and Tunes Show” today, click Here

To listen to “Another Town” click Here

Song Credits for “Good Ole Country Song”:

Written By: Rob Fitzgerald

Produced & Recorded in Nashville at Riverbend Recordings

To listen to “Good Ole Country Song” click Here

Stay connected with Rob Fitzgerald:

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