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Rob Fitzgerald's "Good Ole Country Song" is Rt66's May 17th 2022 'Song of the Day'

Rob Fitzgerald is a Canadian born country artist and is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association. With the release of his latest song “Good Ole Country Song” the “summer’s feel good country song has arrived.” The inspiration for the song came when COVID hit and got Rob thinking about and looking forward to something fun and simple after such trying times. “Good Ole Country Song” has a great jamboree country feel combined with some rock vibes. It’s about unwinding while living in a “crazy wicked messed up world” and needing something that just gives us a feeling of escaping all of that for a while.

“So what we need right now is a Country song

One to get you on the dance floor - get everybody singing along

Just a simple storyline to fix what’s wrong

One to raise a glass to and party all night long

Just a real good, feel good, clap along

What we need right now is a good ole country song”

This uptempo, dancey song is perfect for those late summer nights out dancing under the stars and the timing of its release couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s a great song about coming together to enjoy something that can unite everyone which is…a good ole country song!

Song Credits:

Written By: Rob Fitzgerald

Produced & Recorded in Nashville at Riverbend Recordings

To listen to “Good Ole Country Song” click Here

Stay connected with Rob Fitzgerald:

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