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Rt66’s - May Week Three - 'Song of the Week' is Mitchell Kersley’s “Home On The Highway”

UK Country Music Artist Mitchell Kersley’s song “Home On The Highway” was voted by fans as Rt66 Country Music’s ‘Song of the Week’ for the third week of May 2022.

When Mitchell joined me on the “Talk and Tunes” Show, we talked about what his inspirations were when he wrote “Home on the Highway” and he shared with me that “The inspirations were taken from Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam, and the Bakersfield sound. I wanted to create something up-tempo with a modern take on the Bakersfield sound of the 50s/60s. I wanted to create a catchy driving song that would be ideal for long road trips.”

The song genuinely gets the listener into the mindset of its highway theme by beginning the song with the sound of a car engine starting up, coinciding with the Mustang pictured on the cover art. Mitchell gives us solid country sounds with instrumentation reminiscent of Johnny Cash who is also referenced in the song.

“You can usually find me, on the inside of my four-wheel drive,

blaring George Jones.

The highway is calling me with the melody of a country love song.

I feel like I’m home.”

Mitchell sings this song straight from the heart with a sweet country sound and a modern storytelling voice. Its prominent acoustic guitar combined with soft drums and some tastefully done electric instruments gives Mitchell a unique, and quite addictive, sound to the listener. Just as Mitchell had hoped for, this is the perfect song for your next road trip, a fun, feel-good song that will put you in the best mood, one to blast with the windows down - while driving along the highway.

To listen to “Home on the Highway” click Here

Song Credits:

Mitchell Kersley

To stay connected with Mitchell Kersley:

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

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