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Spotlight Artist Of The Month (August): Loraine Moxham

Loraine Moxham was born and raised in Southern California. Suffering with performance anxiety, Loraine started her journey with music as a way to tackle her fear.

"I have been writing poems since I was a young child and when I picked up the guitar at 11 I started turning poems into songs. I started singing in public part time."

In January 2022 Loraine quit her 9-5 job and now performs full-time. This incredible journey has given her the proof to herself that she can do anything she puts her mind to! Once hating to sing live, now loving it as much as she does writing, this journey has helped Loraine to realize that a leap of faith really can be all it takes. She took all the money she had left in her account and flew to Nashville where she now worked with an amazing producer.

"He has connected me with some amazing talented people who I could not have done without. I’m truly excited to see where this journey takes me."

Her latest single "Worth it" is about a past relationship she was in. He was an addict and put her through a lot. She wrote this song as closure for herself and to tell herself that she was worth so much and didn’t deserve to be treated the way that she had been. In many ways, it can be a lesson and an encouragement to us all that whatever, and wherever we find ourselves in life, there is more to come! We just need to have faith and keep going!

Get to know the artist of the month

Hometown and fun fact about it or what it’s best know for? I grew up in Claremont California about 30 min from Los Angeles. I love it because it is a small town away from the LA lifestyle. My favorite thing about living in southern California is you are 30 min away from the beach, the mountain, and amusement parks. You get a little bit of everything without it being out of the way and too far. Most memorable musical moment? One memorable music moment is when my song “In the Middle” got picked up for a curated Spotify playlist “Fresh Finds”. I felt like all my hard work was paying off. I know I still have so much more to accomplish but just the fact that it was picked up and noticed meant the world to me. Most embarrassing/unexpected musical moment? I don’t have much embarrassing musical moments. But I did have to overcome stage freight/anxiety. It’s something I struggled with growing up. But I now feel like I love performing just as much as writing ! It’s something I’m very proud of that I have overcome. What can fans expect next from Loraine Moxham? Following the release of “Worth It” ? My fans can expect a single every 6-8 weeks for the remaining of the year and the start of the new year. Right now I’m trying to grow my fan base and give them a little bit of my heart through these singles I’m releasing. I am also working on new songs for a full debut album! So they can expect a lot of music coming their way ! What's a random or fun fact we may not know about you? Random fun fact about me is I have to eat lemon on everything I eat haha. I don’t know why but I’m addicted to lemon haha.

To stay connected with Loraine Moxham:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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