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Loraine Moxham - "In the Middle"

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Loraine Moxham is a singer songwriter and performer from California. Lorraine is extremely passionate about writing and connecting with her audience. She is an all or nothing type of girl who wants to inspire others though her music. Lorraine commutes to Nashville to record her music, with her debut single "In the Middle" releasing July 15, 2022 followed up by a beautiful video to accompany it.

The video opens with close-up views of grasses blowing in a field, then shows a young couple walking together down a worn path, the expanse of the countryside making the couple seem small. Their body language, flirting and bumping into each other as they walk, shows the playfulness of young love. At times, the camera zooms in on their fingers as they intertwine and their boots as they stand close and face each other.

She sings about meeting in high school, but not getting to know each other until ten years later when they meet again and eventually have their first kiss. She's excited to begin this relationship, but also scared.

We're somewhere in the middle, it might not be official

But we can take our time because I want you tonight

We don't need to rush things, you mean way too much to me

When it's right, it's right. Forever or tonight, we're somewhere in the middle

The film director uses muted colors and sepia tones to focus on the soft music and lyrics describing this new relationship. We are drawn into her face, but we never get to see close ups of her cowboy in the plaid shirt and rodeo belt buckle.

I love the way the photographer frames the couple with the guard rails on the bridge where they stop walking and reach to hug each other. It is as if the couple is part of the nature surrounding them in the field. When the camera focuses on Loraine singing, she is framed by an oak tree, leaning over a split rail fence, and walking alone on the dirt road. Her emotions come through, wanting to run away with him, but wanting to walk slowly beside him as well. I also love the consistent real-time aspect of the video. There are no costume changes, no multiple locations, no sunsets or night skies. It's just a slice of time for a young couple walking together and getting to know each other better.

When she repeats how she doesn't want to rush things, she sings with a frantic tone, and the video flashes to a few seconds of backward film. The effect works well to say, wait a minute, we're going too fast, we need to rewind and go back to where we were. Then the video returns to them slow dancing on the bridge instead of running down the trail together.

Loraine's voice is smooth and confident, and she perfectly matches the mood of the song. It may be too soon to say, but it's so real, even though she won't tell him she loves him yet. The tender lyrics match her understated singing and you know this relationship is going to grow, just like the song, steady and strong.

To watch the official “In The Middle” video click HERE

Song Credits:

Written By: Lorraine Rachel Moxham and Morgann David

To stay connected with Loraine Moxham:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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