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Spotlight Artist of the Month (September) - Angelica Appelman

Angelica Appelman introduced herself to the Canadian country music landscape with her debut single “Happy Place” in January 2022. “Happy Place” injected a ray of sunshine into the winter season and had listeners dreaming of summer days and finding their happy place in the people they love. The track slotted 5th in the Top Ten Most Active Indies along with 10th in the Top CanCon Downloads on Yangaroo in its first week out of the gate at Canadian country radio. “Happy Place” was also picked up by CBC Country/SiriusXM.

Appelman has secured a number of performances to showcase her new music, including Country Nights in The City hosted by Dave Woods at The Moonshine, slots this summer at Harmoniafest and Love Revolution Festival, and more.

Angelica Appelman is on a mission to bring back 90’s country, immersing influences from her idols into her songwriting and performance. Growing up listening to powerhouse artists like Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood and The Chicks have influenced Angelica to explore her range thoughtfully and write and perform songs with powerful messaging.

Get to know the artist of the month

Hometown and fun fact about it or what it’s best known for?

My hometown is Kitchener-Waterloo! It is known for Oktoberfest! The beer drinking, German festival of Lederhosen and dirndls, haha! It hosts the Second largest Oktoberfest in the world next to Germany as Kitchener used to be named Berlin! I have also been working at Oktoberfest since I was 13 years old. This year was my first year off and I just celebrated with friends - so worth it!

Most memorable musical moment?

My most memorable musical moment would have to be landing Top 9 on the ITunes Country charts with my debut single, Happy Place or landing a spot on the Top 30 Countdown with Matt Weaver on Country 104 and having a chat with him about my career, music and life and having him play my song Happy Place on the large market radio for the weekend!

Most embarrassing/unexpected musical moment?

My most embarrassing or unexpected musical moment would definitely be when I was at the Moonshine Café in Oakville, Ontario for a writers round and I was rocking so hard to my song "Guilt Trip" that I accidentally pulled the cable out of the mic and kept singing, not realizing I had done that! Luckily my pals onstage noticed and handed me their mic, haha!

What can your fans expect next from Angelica Appelman? Following the release of “U Turn” ?

My fans can expect much more music and for my EP "A Reason or a Season" to come out very soon. I will definitely be releasing a tune just before Christmas that is another side of Angelica that people have not seen before. A very vulnerable, emotional side! I am really excited for people to see that. Also, my fans can expect a music video for U-Turn as well. We are shooting it this week! I can't wait! I also have many more shows to play before the end of the year so stay tuned Ontario folks!

What's a random or fun fact we may not know about you?

A random or fun fact that people may not know about me and I said this on the Live Performance, but if you missed it, my nickname is Jelly! Pretty well everyone close to me calls me Jelly and when I was in grade school, high school and even University, I got my teachers and professors to call me Jelly. Another fun fact about me that people do not know is that I play volleyball at an advanced level for fun with my co-ed team during the week if I don't have gigs or scheduled music responsibilities! My team is killer! We haven't lost a season in the 3 years I have played with them!

To Stay Connected with Angelica Appelman:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | YouTube

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