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Angelica Appleman redirects us with her new song"U Turn" (Song of the Day 9-27-22)

Angelica Appelman hit the ground running as she released her first singles in Canadian country music this year. The first two received radio airplay and mentions on Spotify playlists. She’s been performing live shows on stages like like Ontario’s Harmoniafest and Love Revolution Festival, and playing in the CCMA events.

Her third single “U Turn” brings the perspective of finding the right person and learning what it’s like to be in a relationship that’s good for you. Finding that person can change your mind about love and cause you to make a “U Turn.”

I think this song reminds us to keep hope because it just takes that one person to change your perspective,” says Angelica. “I wanted to write a song with a more positive outlook about being in the dating scene because I think it is a time where you can really grow by being open to new experiences and new people.”

The song opens with a twangy acoustic guitar and finger snaps, kinda like sitting on a front porch with musicians. As she beings to sing, she’s joined by a steel guitar and light percussion. When the chorus kicks in, the song perks up with a full production of harmony and rocking drums and electric guitar.

You turn a bad day into the best one You turn my worst bet into a jackpot When you turn my head and lean in to kiss me And tell me you missed me The way you turn me on when you hold me close There's nowhere else I need to go Before you love was a dead-end road Now, I'm making a U-turn

The first verse sets up the song, dealing with the idea of riding down a dirt road together and getting lost in the moment and lost outside of town because they were paying more attention to each other than where they were going. The lyrics throughout the song are clever. She mentions the things he does for her, starting with the phrase “you turn,“ like saying that you turn down a road, you turn down the noise in my head, and you turned me around.

During the last chorus, the instruments hold back and let Angelica's vocals carry the festive mood of the song for a few lines. Then she changes the melody slightly and adds some effects to her voice, keeping it interesting without sounding repetitive. The song ends quietly as it began, but the end features a banjo and synth playing with a faint guitar and no percussion.

She may use the metaphor about the highway of life, but she keeps it fresh with her interesting lyrics. She says that he changed her perspective and caused her to make a U-Turn on that dead-end road.

Click here to listen to “U Turn

Song Credits:

Writers: Angelica Appleman, David Madras

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