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Taylor Lamborn continues Rt66’s Celebration Week

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

What a pleasure it was to have Taylor Lamborn on the show Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Lamborn is a singer-songwriter who proudly calls the “Rock n Roll” heartland of Cleveland, Ohio, her home. She has this amazingly powerful vocal range that is a mix of multiple genres with a strong blues vibe that just grabs your soul.

To kick off the show, Taylor performed for us, her song “Work The Streets”, which she wrote after moving to Cleveland. Prior to the move, she wrote more country-pop, however, now she dives deeply into the blues genre. That blues vibe is demonstrated on this track off of her “Take Me” album stating “it’s a favorite to play and a good example of why I wanted to record an acoustic project.” Taylor tells us the inspiration from this song came from ‘basically feeling like a prostitute, when it comes to work, the feeling of having to sell yourself all the time’.

Taylors ability to take her thoughts and feelings and transform them into lyrics that we as listeners want to hear and are captivated by are just amazing. When I asked her who some of her musical inspirations were, she told me sometime different the the usual answers I get . They come more from some of Cleveland's music scene, artists out playing the local jam nights that we have probably never heard of, but definitely should, such as Becky Boyd, Mary Bridget Davies, Kristine Jackson and Erin Rossi. We also talked about what artists she has been told she “sounds” like. She's been told anyone from Jewel to Janice Joplin, even Sheryl Crow & Bonnie Raitt. Who do you think she sounds like? Let us know in the comments below.

Taylor ended the show with an unreleased tune that will be recorded as a full band single as part of a project due to release over the coming year. “Thrill I Seek” she states “speaks for itself and wants to leave it open for the listeners interpretation.” I was absolutely drawn in by this song, her tone and lyrics. My take on it, is possibly some guy is talking up a good game, saying all the “right” things, the things she wants to hear but she knows he is no good and wants no part of it. She's just gonna let him keep speaking but he is not the thrill she seeks? I don’t know, what do you think? Comment below what your thoughts are, what did you take away from the song?

Taylor will be releasing a new song each month this year, with the next single "Happy" due to release April 29, 2022, which is another single off of the acoustic live project. To stay up to date on all her releases, tour dates, etc…follow her socials below. Watch the replay of our show to hear the above mentioned songs and/or go to your favorite musical platform to hear "Work The Streets" along with many other great songs by Taylor Lamborn.




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