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Alyssa Scott with her thought provoking new single "Where Does It Go"

Singer/songwriter Alyssa Scott originally from the mid-west already has quite the resume under her independent country/pop artist belt. After receiving a degree in Vocal Performance; fronting and touring with cover bands such as Scarlet County, Skewed View, and Shirts 'N' Skins to name a few, she then received the opportunity to be a Burning Hills Singer in the Medora Musical in Medora, ND, and that's all before deciding to relocate to Nashville.

Alyssa has recorded with multiple Nashville producers, including Greg Strizek, Joel Jorgensen, and George Alexander showcasing her abilities in the studio with her dreamy vibes, storyteller lyrics, and a country/bohemian style.

Bringing that once again in the studio with Joel, Alyssa releases her latest single “Where Does It Go” in this time capsule of a song.

Why is it that days pass slowly

But months go fast

Memories last forever

But time never lasts

And we all wonder why

We’re stuck in the past

From the solo piano intro, the song immediately drew me in. Alyssa’s smooth vocals match the pensive mood and flawlessly melt into a full sound by the second verse.

She mentions how her ambitions and goals have changed, or maybe disappeared, as she’s grown and developed lines on her face and grey in her hair, leaving her to question where time has gone. Is it hiding somewhere?

She reminds us that we can’t see time, but we can see how time has changed things around us. She tells us that the passing of time is both good and bad, using wine as an example of something that gets better while other things expire.

Her skill to choose the right word makes certain that the listener is involved. She says that when she travels back home, “nothing has changed but time,” and then reminds us that it is the moment that matters. Her precise phrasing and intentional breaths pause at just the right moment in the music, and it’s brilliant.

After a crescendo, the music repeats the solo piano theme, and Alyssa says that she hopes “that time will somehow freeze in its tracks.” Here she’s implying questions about being able to follow time, tracking time, as if time has footprints. Does it? Does time leave a trail that we can follow? And if we could follow time, where does it go?

Great songwriters like Alyssa have caused listeners to question their status quo. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from this artist in the future and seeing what else she’ll make me consider and reconsider.

Leave your comments below on this beautifully delivered piece from Alyssa - what on your thoughts?

To Listen to “Where Does It Go” click HERE

Song Credits:

Performed & Written By: Alyssa Scott

Produced By: Joel Jorgensen

Source: Heart Songs Music Group

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Blog written by Cyndi Alba & Stacie Jowers

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