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Thomas Kavanagh and Kirstie Kraus wonder together "Who Am I Gonna Love?"

What happens when two solo artists both decide to record the same song, and they end up with a duet? Thomas Kavanagh and Kirstie Kraus released the first duet either have recorded, and they have learned that there is strength in combining their craft. Thomas is based out of the UK and co-wrote this song during a trip to Nashville, while Kirstie is based out of Nashville and is planning for her European tour.

Who Am I Gonna Love?” opens with a simple piano intro. Thomas begins the first verse by himself, asking questions. Do you look for something, but can’t see what’s in front of you? Are you blinded by yourself? Kirstie comes in an adds harmony on some of the lines. Are you a rock star or an angel? Do you like sunrise or night? Do your curse under your breath when things are going right? The questions continue into the chorus they sing together.

It’s always been playing on my mind

Who am I gonna love?

Who’s gonna be enough?

Not just somebody but someone

Who’s gonna be the first to take me at my worst

And make me better than I was?

Who am I gonna love?

Kirstie begins the second verse by herself, and switches back to harmony when Thomas joins her. Have you passed me and said hello? Do you like quiet or noisy nights? How do you like your pizza and whiskey? Do you plan the things you do or just roll the dice?

The bridge features more guitar, then only asks the question who? The singers each take lines by themselves and ad lib more melodies in the chorus.

The catchy song remains fun, not despondent, as the singers search for answers. It’s not clear when they are talking to themselves, doing soul searching, or when they are talking to someone they are trying to get to know better. Either way, it’s easy to relate to looking for love and hoping you are looking in the right place, not looking past something that is right in front of you.

Click here to listen to “Who Am I Gonna Love?”

Song Credits:

Songwriters - Thomas Kavanagh, Krystal King

Producer - Thomas Kavanagh

Mixer - Thomas Kavanagh

Vocal Production - Tyler Spicer

Guitar - Thomas Kavanagh

Mastering - eMastered

Graphics / Photography - Thomas Kavanagh/Kirstie Kraus

Photographer - Lauren Kraus

Find more about Thomas Kavanagh at:

Artist Website Instagram Facebook

Find more about Kirstie at:

Artist Website Instagram Facebook

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