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Arbor North's - “All The Right Mistake” is ‘Song of the Day’ for April 28, 2022

Arbor North, Michael and AC, are a husband and wife country music duo based out of Nashville, Tennessee. “All The Right Mistakes” is the duo's debut single, an introduction, if you will, of not only how Arbor North came to be as a duo but how they became to be as a couple.

Co-written by Bill DiLuigi the lyrics explore the ways in which each one of life’s twists and turns, all of our choices and mistakes, are a part of a divine purpose. “When Bill suggested the title ’All The Right Mistakes’ it hit us so powerfully right out of the gate, because the story of how we found each other was the result of two roads, once paved with heartbreak, pain, and yes...mistakes, merging to give us the happy ending we had always prayed for.”

“That need somebody prayer - I've sent up through the years -

It wasn’t lost in the atmosphere - It finally landed right here -

All those live and learn, crash and burns, -

Were really just lucky turns we got to take -

God must've known we’d make All The Right Mistakes”

With cleverly crafted and relatable lyrics, this song truly shines a ray of hope in love and is the perfect listen whether one is out looking for that special someone, or if one has found that person. The tune talks about various disappointments in one’s love life and how while at the time they seemed unsuccessful, it all turned out to be “lucky turns” because each experience led them to each other. They also put an emphasis on God being a key role in the entire thing. The pair alternates lines in the verses which in a way emulates their various paths away from each other, but then come together with strong, heartfelt, and beautiful harmonies for the chorus, bringing the listener to hear them coming together both in the song and in life. A truly well written and reflective piece, “All The Right Mistakes,” is definitely one to be added to playlists everywhere.

To listen to “All The Right Mistakes” click HERE

To stay connected to Arbor North:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Song Credits:

Written By: Amanda Cosette Myhal, Peter Michael Boris and William Dominic Diluigi

Produced By: Arbor North, AC Jones, Michael Boris

Source: Independent

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