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The wedding song everyone has been waiting on..."You, Me and Jesus" by Arbor North

Everything about the video for "You, Me and Jesus" is divinely stunning! This review is solely about this video. In other blogs coming soon, we will go more into depth about Michael and AC, who are "Arbor North," their debut single "All The Right Mistakes," their musical journey, and much more.

My first question after watching this gorgeous video was - did you actually sing to each other during the ceremony, with them both quickly replying "No!" They both stated, there was no way they could have pulled that off emotionally. However, parts of the video was indeed their actual wedding footage. Everything that you see outdoors or by the barn was at Big Oak Meadows. Anything indoors was at Seventh Story Studios in Franklin, TN. The couple chose pieces from the wedding and from the indoor filming locations, then Emphasis Films combined it all together into this amazing work of art. AC told me one of the the fun, yet tricky parts of all of that was getting to wear their wedding attire an additional time, but having to duplicate the exact look, make-up and hair so it all matched up perfectly.

There really isn't a lot of description necessary to this video, as it clearly explains itself. The beauty is in the simplicity of the story. The love these two share for each other is evident on their faces throughout the video, the smiles don't stop. The videographer does a spectacular job capturing those images up close and with their silhouettes in the background. The drone footage adds to the inspiring video with the gorgeous scenery. This is a must see video! The single "You, Me and Jesus" is set to release this Friday, May 6, 2022. I predict it will be on wedding playlists everywhere, let me know what you think.

To watch the Official Music Video of "You, Me, and Jesus" by Arbor North click HERE

To stay connected with Arbor North:

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Written by Michael Boris & AC Jones.

Video by Emphasis Films Wedding footage by Work Shed Weddings Outdoor/Wedding location: Big Oak Meadows Indoor location: Seventh Story Studio

AC's dress: Jasmine Bridal Dress boutique: Jacqueline's Bridal Michael's wedding band: Thorum AC's wedding band: Thom Duma Fine Jewelers Michael's guitar: Gibson

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