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Australian Country Artist - Al Gammie on Rt66’s “Talk and Tunes” Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Australian Country Artist Al Gammie is rapidly establishing himself as a singer-songwriter to watch out for! It was quite the pleasure to have him join me on the Rt66 “Talk and Tunes” show to learn more about the ‘man from down under’ and what a great sport he was about it all, given the 12 hour time difference, making it the middle of the night for him!

Al grew up with a variety of musical influences from Roy Orbison, Hank Jr to 70’s & 80’s British Rock. His distinct, emotive, and raw voice came from many years of fronting mostly heavy rock bands developing a natural powerhouse voice, though that seems to be changing somewhat as he leans more into the Americana-Country genre.

Unfortunately, Al was unable to perform live for us but probably not for the reasons that you would normally think, he wasn’t sick, he can definitely play the guitar and it wasn’t even because it was 3:30 in the morning but rather out of respect for his wife. Al was having to do the interview from his care, because she wasn’t feeling well, as they are expecting their first child. We couldn’t be happier for them and hope she is felling better. Be sure to check out the show to hear us talk about weird pregnancy cravings!

In talking about Al’s latest release “One Night Only” off of his 10 song Escape to Eden Album this is what he had to tell me…

This song is pure escapism - what if - for one night only - you could take each other by the hand, run into the horizon, dream and love with fierce passion and reckless abandon - together. No care for tomorrow. It's all about the present moment. Even if one night only is all it ever amounts to, before we return to the bleak, sobering, real world - it was all worth it for that one joyous, connected experience - wild and free. The song is a duet featuring guest vocals from Sofie Lynn - 1/2 of US pop-country duo Honey County - their music has been featured in the TV series Yellowstone. She absolutely knocked this one out of the park, giving it the old-time Dolly/Kenny type of vibe I had in mind. I really wanted that old school barn dance sound, lots of stomps and hand claps. It's a fun song, leaving the listener with a little bittersweet taste on their tongues.

Just take a listen – the melodies get in your head, the lyrics touch your heart, and it’s a storytelling voice you won’t forget. With a couple of more singles to come in 2022 and another album in 2023 Al Gammie is ready to take the country scene by storm. He stated with the feeling of this last album moving on to the next “We’re leaving the campfire and going to the concert hall”

To watch our “Talk and Tunes” episode click Here

To stay connected with Al Gammie:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

To listen to “One Night Only” click Here

To watch the “One Night Only” lyric video click Here

Song Credits:

Written by Al Gammie

Produced by Al Gammie

Mixed by Chris Themelco

Vocals: Al Gammie & Sofie Lynn

Guitars: Al Gammie

Bass: Al Gammie

Pedal Steel: Brandon Bankes

Drums & Percussion: JD Lenick & Al Gammie

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