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Al Gammie’s “One Night Only” featuring Sofie Lynn is RT66’s ‘Song of the Day’ for 05-24-2022

Al Gammie is an Australian based artist with a background in heavy rock music, making his voice “distinctive, motive, and raw.” For his song “One Night Only” featuring Sofie Lynn, Al pictured the story taking place in a rural and small town during the 1960s. He observes that while many look at the 1960s as “simpler, happier, times” they were still very hard like they are now with loved ones being overseas facing war and working hard for little money just to keep food on the table. Through these thoughts Al wrote “One Night Only” which he calls “pure escapism.” “…What if - for one night only - you could take each other by the hand, run into the horizon, dream and love with fierce passion and reckless abandon - together….”

“Come with me

One night only

You'll escape and I'll break free

You and me

One night only

Let's embrace what might have been”

Al certainly captured that 1960s feel with the song having a very folksy feel to it; especially considering that the mid 1960s were the height of the folk music movement. With its folk driven instrumentation, raw vocals, and rhythmic clapping in the background the listener is truly transported in a musical time machine. Though the inspiration derives from a 1960s feel, the themes of the song are truly timeless. This is the perfect song to listen to and truly escape the real world chaos for just a few minutes and imagine if you didn’t have a care in the world, at least for one night only.

Song Credits: Al Gammie (written and produced), Chris Themelco (mixed)

To listen to “One Night Only” click Here

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