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Bailey James' new music video dedicated to her late brother Zane, "The Crow” released 4-20-22

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

For a song as haunting as Bailey James’ “The Crow,” it’s only fitting that the music video would have visuals to match. Switching between overhead shots of a forest full of bare, winter-gray trees, James walking across a patchy grass field with crows flying overhead, and James around a house reminiscent of those built centuries ago, the video is able to capture the feeling of aloneness, of desolation and cold winter that the song’s instrumental and lyrics convey. Added visual imperfections give the video an overall air that it’s older than it actually is; it’s a great aesthetic touch.

To watch the video go to Bailey’s YouTube

To stay connected via Bailey’s other social networks:

Website |Facebook |Twitter |Instagram

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