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Bailey James releases "The Crow" as a dedication To Her Late Brother

Bailey James is lighting up Music City with her sophisticated soulful country music. Currently charting on BILLBOARD with her previous single "Finally Free", Bailey is poised to break out in 2022. Her swiftly growing audience celebrates her fresh musical adaptation that is well beyond her years, including country roots infused with blues, rock-n-roll and soul.

A multi-genre vocalist, guitarist and songwriter with over 250,000 fans across her social media platforms, Bailey’s single “Finally Free” was recently named “Opry Circle Release of the Week.” Bailey, a radio road warrior, has charted numerous times on Music Row's Country Breakout Chart, including a top 40. She is also a Golden Ticket alum of American Idol 2019. Bailey has the honor of being a member of the Song Suffragettes, an all-female country music singer-songwriter weekly showcase in Nashville.

Bailey is dedicated to raising awareness for suicide prevention through education and empowerment. She was named the First National Youth Advocate for the Jason Foundation, to which this honor places Bailey alongside longtime Jason Foundation musical ambassadors Rascal Flatts and the late Charlie Daniels. She also started her own Mental Health/Suicide prevention awareness movement, ‘The Finally Free Movement’ in honor of her brother, Zane.

Bailey’s brand new single “The Crow” is a dedication to her late brother, who she lost to suicide. Her usage of rock-influenced instrumentation gives the song a dark and sombre undertone that, when combined with her powerful, yet emotive vocals, encapsulates the sorrow felt. ‘The Crow' is a common symbol of darkness and death, and is used to personify her brother. The lyrical context communicates the nightmare and tragedy of her brother's death whilst pleading for him to lead her like a ‘black feathered angel’ to save her. The track portrays a real sense of hurt, and emotion but also realism on the topic. Bailey has put her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to share how these events have left her scarred.


WRITER(S) Bailey James Koehler, Nolan Neal, Smith Curry

PRODUCER Leland Grant

STUDIO South Light Sound

To listen to “The Crow” click here Streaming & Download Link

To stay connected with Bailey James Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |

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