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Brandon Bing opens up in "Locked Down"

Brandon Bing refers to himself as Big Hoss, and says he intends to bring real instruments back to country music. This Florida rancher and small business owner sings about small town values with a modern grit in his storytelling.

Brandon’s song “Locked Down” is a great example of his country style. His raspy baritone is full of heart, with a little bit of outlaw thrown in.

The drumbeat and electric guitar start off like a 90s rock song, but as soon as Brandon sings, you know the song is pure country. He opens the verse singing about how she looks as she walks by. But it’s not just her pearly whites and dimples that attract him, he refers to her as the captain of his ship.

Locked down like a ball and chain

Girl, I’m drowning in your heart

Your love’s like a shot of whiskey

Girl, you warm me to the core

Drop the needle into the groove of this vinyl

Girl, watch me spin you around

Wrapped up in the webs of your soul

Girl, you got me so high

Even stoned me can’t touch the ground

In the second verse, he mentions how he’s still thinking about her. He’s remembering how they went swimming together in the creek, after the tree limb snapped under them and dropped them in the water. And now he’s yearning for more time together.

After the second chorus, Brandon continues rocking out, but the fiddle takes a more prominent role. He asks what she’s missing, because he wants to be more for her. He doesn’t want to be a cloud of smoke that’s gone quickly. He wants to be her tunnel vision so she becomes focused on him.

The instruments back away so we can hear his solid voice with just drums to support him as he repeats the chorus. When the guitars and fiddle return, Brandon lets them rock out until the end of the song.

In the days of EPs and dropping singles, Brandon released a full album called “Huckleberry.” This album shows how versatile and raw his emotions can be, while bringing out bluegrass vibes with some hard-edged country. Give it a listen. You’ll fall in love with Big Hoss who can sing about common themes without being predictable. He keeps his music full of surprises. My favorite cut, this week, is “Locked Down.”

Click here to listen to “Locked Down

Song Credits:

Writer: Brandon Bing

Producer: Ken Royster

Drums: Nick Buda

Electric Guitar: Jon Conley

Acoustic Guitar: John D. Willis

Bass: Dave Francis

Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor

Connect with Brandon at:

Artist Website|Instagram|Facebook

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