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Caitlin Quisenberry releases “Last Day On Earth” followed up with a must-watch heartfelt music video

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

I first had the privilege of meeting Colorado's Caitlin Quisenberry in March of 2020 when she released her debut single “Blue.” It was evident immediately what an amazing country singer-songwriter she was. When Caitlin made the move to Nashville, I continued to follow her musical journey with each single and video she released. Her latest project “Last Day On Earth” showcases another side to Caitlin that makes her the type of artist to propel her to the top of the charts, passion for what she does, and heart!

Caitlin recently partnered with a Non-profit organization Postpone Nothing founded by David Cohen, following his dear friend Nancy Butler’s diagnosis with cancer and her desire to live life to the fullest. Postpone Nothing seeks to answer the question ‘what would you like to do before you die?’ “Last Day On Earth” ponders that exact notion.

“When I heard Nancy’s story… how she survived through 17 years of battling breast cancer, how she fully lived out her life postponing nothing, and how she wrote her own eulogy, calling all of us to act on living our lives as if it were our last day on earth; I felt called to write this song” shares Caitlin. “I wanted to be part of Nancy’s inspiring message and help her fulfill her wish to touch the lives of others still living. Of all the songs I’ve written, this one flowed effortlessly. I felt Nancy’s presence guiding me.”

Caitlin’s ability to transform someone’s thoughts and feelings and to put them into words, turning them into a song is magical. To take their story, what they went through and lived to be able to convert that into a relatable musical journey for listeners to go on is truly a gift that she has.

“Here’s to you and to all the things you taught me

To be as free as the birds on the mountain tops

Well I hope it’s true cuz there’s no easy way of losing you’

“I still see your sweet smile

I still hear your tender voice

May not see you for awhile

But when it’s time we’ll rejoice”

When I first heard “Last Day On Earth” I was completely captivated by the melody, the instrumentation, and the lyrics of this piece. Such a beautiful composition of artistry in the song but then to be able to deliver that as well in the video was breathtaking. The simplicity of the video with the photo appearances of Nancy included added to the emotional impact of the song. Well done Caitlin!

About Postpone Nothing

“What do you want to do before you die?” This question is at the core of Postpone Nothing’s message since the organization’s inception in 2020 by David Cohen after being inspired by his dear friend Nancy Butler and her desire to live life to the fullest after being diagnosed with cancer. In the 17 years after her diagnosis, Nancy climbed 14-thousand-foot peaks, visited 40+ countries and states, jumped from planes, went to national parks, fostered teenage girls, built a house on the river, and headed an organization that conserved 25,000 acres of the headwaters of the Rio Grande. Throughout that time, she encouraged others to “Postpone Nothing” as there is no better time to live out your dreams than the present. Since Nancy’s passing, Postpone Nothing has dedicated itself to creating a community to help support others accomplish their life goals through advice, mentorships, companionship, and funding, if applicable. In 2022, Postpone Nothing teamed up with rising country artist Caitlin Quisenberry to release “Last Day on Earth.” The moving and contemplative song encourages listeners to look within themselves and really think about how they would live if they knew their time was limited.

To Listen to “Last Day On Earth” click Here

Song Credits:

WrittenBy: Caitlin Quisenberry and Sal Oliveri

To Watch the official “Last Day on Earth” Video Here

To Connect with Postpone Nothing:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

To Connect with Caitlin Quisenberry

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Tik Tok

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