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Cal Austin digs up "More than a Memory"

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Part California and part Texas, Cal Austin is a relative newcomer to recording country music. He was raised in Stockton, California where he sang lead in rock cover bands before he grabbed an acoustic guitar. His father was a singer-songwriter, so Cal learned to play guitar and found his voice as a songwriter himself about the time he moved to Texas 14 years ago. Since then, he’s been playing solo shows in Central Texas, getting a feel for Texas country, and playing in songwriter showcases.

Cal says his music comes from heartfelt emotions, and his new single “More than a Memory” is a great example. A tribute to his late father, the song starts with just the acoustic guitar and Cal’s raspy baritone, describing the lessons his father taught him. He learned how to love and how to fight, how to be tough and still have a heart, basically both sides of everything. He mentions that his dad may have taught him wrong, but he taught him right more often. The drums and the electric guitar take over and give this song a southern rock feel.

You’re more than a memory, I keep you here with me

You’re more than a memory, you meant so much to me

All the time that we had, and all the life that we shared

Will never be enough for a boy and his dad

You’re more than a memory

The second verse continues the theme of Cal’s dad teaching him how to work, cuss, and get up after a fall. He sings that his father’s spirit is his blood and veins, and he’s grateful to have boys who can carry on the family name.

After the second chorus, Cal adds a bridge. But instead of veering off into new lyrics, he repeats the title line with longer notes and more harmony, driving home the point. The electric guitar keeps the momentum going and keeps the lyrics from becoming overly sentimental.

This song really encourages us to think about what we’ve learned from our parents and mentors. Even after our family members pass on, as long as we remember what we shared together, they will always be “More than a Memory.”

Songwriter: Cal Austin

Listen to the song here.

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(Disclaimer: this blogger Cyndi Alba is also the backup singer on this recording, but the review is her own opinion. Stacie Jowers, Rt66 founder & editor, allowed this review.)

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